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Vermont 100 Entrants A/O 6-28-00

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    I was curious re: who will be running VT100 on July 15-16, as the list isn t on the web site. I contacted the new race director, Priscilla Tucker, to ask her
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 29, 2000
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      I was curious re: who will be running VT100 on July 15-16, as
      the list isn't on the web site. I contacted the new race director,
      Priscilla Tucker, to ask her if she could send me the names so I
      could post them to the ultra list. She graciously provided the list
      to me; it is below, rather than as an attachment (since they are
      sometimes problematic). I've edited out the addresses and other
      personal information, and hope the remainder is legible.

      There are currently 265 runners on the list; entries have been
      closed since May 22. I see the names of a lot of list folks,
      and there are some real speedy ones here, too, like Ann
      Trason, Janice Anderson, Courtney Campbell, and Jim
      Garcia. Ann's fresh off another win at Western States and is
      the female course record-holder at Vermont. Janice has won
      several 100s this year, including a 16:03 at Rocky Raccoon.

      Note the names of two other runners who have already completed
      multiple 100s this year: Monica Scholtz of Canada (~6-7 so far)
      and 60-year-old Hans-Dieter Weisshaar of Germany (~8-9 so far,
      and he's on the list for Hardrock July 7-8). Awesome!

      Priscilla and the VASS staff are very busy preparing for the race,
      and could use some help if runners arrive early for the race. If you
      or your family/crew/pacers/etc. are able to help before, during, or
      after the race, Priscilla can be contacted at PSTVT@....

      Good training to all, and see you soon. Meanwhile, Jim and I are off
      to Hardrock next week to volunteer and pace and get me even more
      psyched up for Vermont!

      Sue Norwood & Jim O'Neil
      Billings, Montana


      Tom Adair Atlanta GA M 58
      Rudy Afanador Shirley NY M 41
      Gary Alexander Merimac MA M 54
      Janice Anderson Kennesanw GA F 34
      Elaine Anthony Pinellas Park FL F 44
      Newton Baker Montpelier VT M 58
      John Bandur Federal Way WA M 62
      Dave Beale New Hope PA M 57
      Rich Bechler Waunakee WI M 39
      Barbara Bellows Ithaca NY F 45
      Kevin Benway Wrentham MA M 45
      Bill Blaiklock Taftsville VT M 40
      Vicki Blais Topsfield MA F 43
      John Blakemore Westlake OH M 56
      John Blatnik Libertyville IL M 48
      Meredith Bonta Riva MA F 54
      Richard Boretti Marshfield MA M 46
      Bruce Boyd Lakeville CT M 61
      Susan Briers Gambills MD F 44
      Carol Briggs (no city) F (no age)
      Mike Brooks Danville ME M 54
      Robert Buckingham New London CT M 40
      Ed Buckley Southampton MA M 42
      Steven Burt Pasco WA M 49
      Richard Busa Marlboro MA M 70
      David Byrnes Darien CT M 49
      Tanya Cady Concord OH F 47
      Robert Calabria Cary NC M 59
      Courtney Campbell Berryville VA M 35
      Jim Campiformi Ashford CT M 50
      John Carey Webster MA M 38
      Jeanine Carlson Lincoln MA F 46
      Carolyn Ciccone W Islip NY F 58
      Karen Claire Somerville MA F 31
      Judith Colon Columbia MD F 40
      Karen Cormier Newton MA F 28
      Curtis Cormier Houston TX M 45
      Robert Crangle Jr Washington DC M 31
      Brent Craven Deweyville UT M 50
      Vincent Croce E Norwich NY M 56
      Charles Crowell Mohnton PA M 54
      Michael Davenport Arlington Heights IL M 41
      Jed Davis Willouahby Hilla OH M 52
      Paul Davis Westport CT M 55
      John Deeter Richmond VA M 58
      Michael Dennis Indianpolis IN M 48
      Charlie Dermody Cornwall on Hudson NY M 48
      Eve Detrich Clearwater Fl F 39
      Vincent Devlin Paradise Valley AZ M 62
      Pam Dickens Tempe FL F 38
      Bill Dickens Tempe FL M 43
      Steve Dickerson Rensselaerville NY M 47
      Lee Dickey Dracut MA M 46
      John Dodds Arlington VA M 49
      Michael Dorovitsine Astoria NY M 41
      Tom Dubos Battle Ground WA M 40
      Marc Eaton Stoneham MA M 32
      Jack Edington Fall Church VA M 25
      Jim Emig Roswell GA M 53
      Bob Falk New York NY M 56
      Toks Fashola Pikesville MD F 36
      John Fay Bowie MD M 53
      Ed Feller Providence RI M 54
      Chrissy Ferguson Conway AR F 39
      Wesley Finnemore Boston MA M 37
      Thomas Forbes Waltham MA M 67
      Kim Forget Attleboro MA F 40
      Stan Fortuna Muskegon MI M 52
      Laurette Fox Meadow Vista CA F 48
      Doug Freese Saugerties NY M 55
      Chris Frey Belmar NJ M 35
      Barbare Frye-Kier Largo FL F 45
      Dennis Fugate Ellicott City MD M 48
      John Gallagher Sunderland MD M 51
      Jim Garcia Westford MA M 42
      James Gawle Webster MA M 48
      John Geesler St Johnsville NY M 41
      Carolyn Gernand Alexandria VA F 52
      Dale Ghaner Modesto CA M 47
      Russell Gill Charlottesville VA M 36
      Geoff Going Bristol RI M 55
      Aaron Goldman Los Alamos NM M 68
      Nat Grew Brookline MA M (no age)
      Zack Grossman Rexford NY M 23
      Mike Grossman Brownsburg IN M 40
      Fred Gruhle Isip Terrace NY M (no age)
      Ken Gulliver Sterling MA M 36
      Art Gulliver Leominster MA M 61
      Khamfeua Haleudeth Mansfield MA M 40
      Jeffrey Hall-Dobken Fair Haven NJ M 56
      Terri Handy Philadelphia PA F 35
      Wendy Hanson Minnetonka MN F 28
      Dennis Hardacker Cromwell CT F 46
      William Harrold Richmond VA M 40
      Mike Haviland Fillmore CA M 58
      Gregory Helbig Morgantown NJ M 44
      Dot Helling Montpelier VT F 50
      Wally Hesseltine Lafayette CA M 56
      Phil Hesser Rockville MD M 49
      Joe Hildebrand Urbana IL M 43
      Jason Hodde W Lafayette IN M 30
      Eric Hodges Chatsworth CA M 51
      Paul Hofmann Chelmsford MA M 49
      Martha Holden Richmond VA F 39
      Kim Hooper Newtown CT M 37
      Jason Howard Norwalk CT M 46
      Russ Hoyer Voorheesville NY M 40
      Kenneth Hubbard Mechanicsville VA M 53
      David Hughes Kokomo IN M 54
      Oliver Hult Amherst NH M 53
      Mike Hunger Champlin MN M 39
      Michael Hunter Great Falls MT M 45
      Scott Hunter S Deerfield MA M 55
      Richard Hypio Cedaredge CO M 44
      Eric Ivey Columbia MD M 28
      Kirk Johnson Westfield NJ M 42
      Cassandra Johnson Huntington Beach CA M(?) 54
      Charles Johnson Modesto CA M 57
      Denise Jones Long Pine CA F 54
      Bruce Kacen Bronx NY M 52
      Wilhelm Kadunc Hyannis MA M 47
      Betsy Kapiloff Reno NV F 40
      Kenneth Karcher Boise ID M 71
      John Kaufman Farmingdale NY M 52
      Susan Kempema Grand Rapids MI F 42
      Michael Kent Granby MA M 37
      John Kenul Brooklyn NY M 56
      Ruth Kessler Burlington MA F 43
      Fred Kirby Northvale NJ M 49
      Wayne Kurtz Pittsburg PA M 32
      Rick Lacey New York NY M 61
      Richard Laine San Carolos CA M 70
      Jeff LaMora Sandy UT M 26
      Carol LaPlant Berkeley CA F 53
      William Leitch Coquitlam BC CAN M 56
      Pierre Leneutre Bellancourt FR M 36
      Tim Leporte Nantucket MA M 55
      Harry Lepp Danielson CT M 43
      Geoff Linton Guelph Ontario CAN M 38
      Mark Longwell Acton MA M 40
      Jess Lopez Staten Island NY M 33
      Paul Lottridge Madison WI M 34
      Joe Lugiano Cary NC M 57
      Katie Lyonsmith Boise ID F 33
      Matthew Mace Arnold MD M 39
      Bob Marston St Joseph MO M 49
      Leonard Martin Oak Ridge TN M 47
      Michael Martin New York NY M 53
      Susan McCarthy Pawcatuck CT F 42
      Ellen McCurtin Danbury CT F 33
      Linda McFadden Modesto CA F 37
      Jack McGiffin Port Solent, Portsmouth ENG M 61
      Catherine McGuire Freeport ME F 41
      Jim McKee Interlaken NY M 62
      Grant McKeown New York NY M 51
      Jack Meyer Foresthill CA M 36
      Don Meyer Westminster MD M 52
      Geoff Miller Palmer Lake CO M 42
      Sandee Miller Palmer Lake CO F 47
      Gregg Miller Holland MI M 50
      Daniel Miller Laugo FL M 52
      Mark Mishler Prince George VA M 36
      Stephen Mitchell Gansevoort NY M 59
      Ed Miville Claremont NH M 53
      Kurt Molter N Royalton OH M 34
      Thomas Moore NY NY M 55
      Paul Morgan Altamonte Spring FL M 59
      Debbie Moss Salt Lake City UT F 45
      Gary Mullen Erie PA M 49
      Charles Muskin Severna Park MD M 51
      Will Myers Millersville MD M 50
      Scott Nelson Orem UT M 36
      David Nelson N Roseville MN M 59
      Gregory Neubauer Mansfield MA M 35
      Yen Nguyen Houston TX F 38
      Dale Nielsen Brainard NE M 41
      Sue Norwood Billings MT F 51
      Bob Oberkehr Northvale NJ M 45
      Phil O'Connell Hagertown MD M 41
      Juan Oliveras N Babylon NY M 48
      David Olsho Seattle WA M 49
      Nick Palazzo Lindenhurts NY M 53
      Brent Palmer Salt Lake City UT M 60
      Curt Pandiscio Simsbury CT M 39
      Scott Parker Hoover AL M 36
      Dr. John Pati Ozone Park NY M 47
      Steve Pero Marlboro MA M 48
      Chuck Petersen Raleigh NC M 59
      Pete Pfannerstill St Petersburg FL M 42
      Bill Piper Lehighton PA M 54
      Oscar Plotkin Longmeadow MA M 47
      Frank Probst Burke VA M 57
      John Prohira LeRoy NY M 46
      Jeri Neese Pugh Salt Lake City UT F 48
      Hans Put Astoria NY M 39
      Daniel Quinn Reading PA M 43
      Dave Ramsey Minneapolis MN M 46
      Johnny Raney Alexandria VA M 39
      Robert Rayburn Broomfield CO M 16
      Bob Rayburn Broomfield CO M 45
      Debra Reno Hopedale MA F 45
      Tracy Reusch Harvard MA F 36
      Norm Richardson Newton MA M 45
      Al Robert Waltham MA M 36
      Rik Robert Williston VT M 43
      Chris Rodatz Orange Park FL M 54
      David Roemer New York NY M 40
      Ron Ross Medina OH M 42
      Timothy Roy Manchester NH M 36
      Austin Royle East Barnard VT M 60
      Robert Ruddy Seneca Falls NY M 41
      Peg Ryan Plainville MA F 52
      Lars Saetran Stjordal Norway M 47
      Chuck Savage Ocala FL M 61
      Kevin Sayers Fredrick MD M 41
      Monica Scholz W. Ancaster CAN F 33
      Laurie Ann Schuler Point Pleasant NJ F 38
      Richard Schuler Point Pleasant NJ M 40
      Ed Schultze Gaithersbury MD M 46
      Tom Selke Gilford NH M 33
      Ralph Swenson S Burlington VT M 53
      Greg Sharp Greensboro VT M 48
      Timothy Shay Ringoes NJ M 52
      Barbara Sorrell Delmar NY F (no age)
      Shawn Spencer Wilmington NC M 28
      Pascal Spino Wynnewood PA M 33
      Jennifer Stanton Seneca Falls NY F 27
      Britt Starnes Dallas TX M 40
      Ellen Stefanacci Toms River NJ F 38
      Mike Stevens Simi Valley CA M 42
      Gregory Stoutenburg Rochester NY M 41
      Pete Stringer Osterville MA M 58
      Tim Stroh Pittsfield MA M 38
      James Sullivan Orlando FL M 48
      Peter Suomela Nepean CAN M 51
      Marth Swatt-Robison Sheridan WY F 38
      Vincent Swendsen Fayetteville NC M 37
      Rick Szambel Carlstadt NJ M 40
      Kaoru Takahashi Portugal Washington NY M 33
      Robert Tavernini Irving TX M 32
      Greg Taylor Delmar NY M 53
      Stan Tiska Hinsdale MA M 43
      Al Toth Norwalk CT M 59
      Jane Toyne Port Moody BC CAN F 54
      Ann Trason Kensington CA F 39
      Tony Treanor Swanton VT M 48
      Scott Turcotte Stittsville Ontario CAN M 35
      John Vaserta Big Rapids MI M 52
      Michael Vieyra Erie PA M 46
      Paul Vinci Spingfield MA M 48
      Randy Ward State Line PA M 46
      Michael Wardian McLean VA M 26
      Jeff Washburn Beverly MA M 50
      Angela Weatherill Houston TX F 41
      Gary Webster Salt Lake City UT M 32
      Gene Weddle San Jose CA M 56
      Charles Weidman Reading PA M 60
      Hans - Dieter Weisshaar Landwehrhagen GR M 60
      Roger Welch Marshfield MA M 57
      Dave Whitehead Croydon, Surrey ENG M 52
      Pat Wilkerson Baltimore MD F 41
      Richard Wilkins E Greenwich RI M 47
      Michael Wiloohl West Chester PA M 29
      Craig Wilson Kittery Pt ME M 51
      Zeke Zucker Jeffersonville VT M 56
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