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Catching Up

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  • Frank Probst
    Got my computer back last night, had to get a new modem and then bought a surge protector that also included the phone line. This is a lot of catch up
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 17, 2000
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      Got my computer back last night, had to get a new modem and then
      bought a surge protector that also included the phone line. This
      is a lot of catch up rambling.
      Congrats to Deb for first woman at LHHT and to Eric for continuing
      with a turned ankle. Steve did a great job taking care of everyone
      and Wes had a super run. Glad Martha made it to 57 with no problems.
      That is one slow course (and I will probably be back next year).
      For those of you on the Ultra list, I went out for my daily run today
      in a 15 yr old cotton CB 10 miler T-shirt (guess I must be new at
      running), saw no snakes (crawling walking or driving) or bears.
      From all the posts, it sounds like everyone got over LHHT just fine.
      Think I must be really getting old. I told Eric that after LHHT I
      felt fine Sunday and through Monday morning, so I went for my morning
      run on Monday. I cut my normal 7 back to 4, but picked up the pace
      twice when guys passed me who would not nromally pass me. Ended
      running four in 30 minutes and then peed blood. That got me drinking
      big time which cleared that up. Just felt a bit ragged from pushing
      the pace. By the late afternoon, my quads, hams and left hip joint
      were really hurting and I could hardly get out of my chair. Walking
      out of work to my car was an effort. Tuesday morning I had trouble
      getting out of bed and walking. The left hip was the worst, but
      and hams hurt like hell. Even felt like I had a fever. Wednesday, I
      started feeling better. Did not run Tues/Wed, but am back up to 7
      again, Do not think I could have gone 13 today like Eric was
      planning. Never had all that happen after a race before, but never
      was this old.
      In response to stomach problems, I routinely have trouble in ultras.
      Cannot eat solid food. I do the water and Amino/Clip/Electrolyte
      caps thing and the gels. I can get maple syrup down when nothing
      goes, but everyone recommends against sugar. I can also suck on
      gummy candies, but thta is more sugar. I do not take the salt caps
      the clock like a lot of folks do, but rather more by how I feel. I
      think you can take too much salt, so I try to take it when I need it.
      Like Steve said, I do not think I could ever over hydrate during a
      race. I just use fluids when running faster than my stomach will pass
      them and do not drink when I am bloated (I do take a salt tab if the
      fluids are sloshing around). I have used Ensure and Boost.
      they stay down and sometimes they do not. I also know what worked
      fine at my last race may not go down at all at the next race, so I
      have to be adaptive at times. I do recommend the real food -
      potatoes, soups and sandwiches, even seen folks eating hamburgers and
      pizza, but only if you can handle that type food.
      I have only been to VT twice, 84 miles the first time and all the way
      the second, and do not remember any sections as rough as the rocky
      parts of LHHT. I do remember some significant climbs and some
      sections that were hard to follow in the dark when my brain was not
      working real well, but the course is much much faster than LHHT. It
      was cool in the morning both times and I ran very well for 20-30
      miles then the temps climbed into the humid mid-80s. Both times, I
      crashed in the heat and the last half was just like LHHT, survival
      with lots of walking. I think I shouid be able to do VT in 20 hours,
      but never came close. If it is hot, there is just no way I will run
      If anyone is still there, I guess I have rambled enough about me.
      Looking foward to seeing you all at VT.

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