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Re: Handler/pacer logistics

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  • ZWDXKULVMSPH@spammotel.com
    Karen, ... you get ... be ... so, no ... You noticed that very quickly! I just posted it yesterday. ... Ya, that s the $64,000 question. We re still trying
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 19, 2001
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      --- In vt100@y..., karen_claire@g... wrote:
      > Hi All,
      > I just saw in the "last minute notes and reminders" section (which
      you get
      > to by clicking on "course map") on the VT100 website that there may
      > shuttles to Camp Ten Bear this year from Smoke Rise Farm, and if
      so, no
      > pacer parking at Camp Ten Bear.

      You noticed that very quickly! I just posted it yesterday.

      > Does anybody know if this is truly happening?

      Ya, that's the $64,000 question. We're still trying to work out the
      logistics of whether we can make that work. As you've undoubtedly
      seen, traffic on that road is horrendous, so we have to do SOMETHING!

      I've forwarded your note to the race director, so she's aware of your
      concern. If you have other last-minute concerns like this, I suggest
      you send them directly to her at vtrun2001@....

      Stew Stryker
      VASS volunteer webmaster
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