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RE: [vt100] Any ideas?

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  • reno_debra@emc.com
    Dave, Here s what I remember from my one time experience at Vermont (last year). There was always plenty of water, and last year, the year of 100 degrees, they
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 7, 2000
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      Here's what I remember from my one time experience at Vermont (last year).

      There was always plenty of water, and last year, the year of 100 degrees,
      they did a tremendous job keeping ICE at the aid stations too....
      But, the regular aid stations are so close together, about every 3 miles,
      that you will not likely run out of water if you carry at least one bottle
      with you.
      I never had any problems finding the route. It is marked with yellow pie
      plates, and at night, glow sticks. You can usually see one glow stick from
      the last one.
      There is some trail section at night that requires a bit more concentration,
      but it was still fairly easy to follow.
      Dont know what the weather will be. it's too early to tell for sure, but the
      long range forecast is calling for mid 80's, no rain that I see over the
      You can get a better idea by Tues or Wed. of next week.
      There is a homemade shower at the farm if you're tenting. and I'm sure it
      could be used by anyone.
      No bugs that I recall..
      The aid stations usually all have fruit - watermelon and grapes, and the
      usual pbj's, turkey sandwiches, at night soup and coffee - one aid station
      may grill you a cheeseburger and offer you some Jack Daniels or something -
      I vaguely recall something like that, and one place last year had this
      really good chocolate cake!
      There will be m&m/s and chips and stuff like that, coke, and Mountain Dew,
      plus the water and sport drink - can't remember which one they serve.
      The post race chicken barbeque is great! The pre-race meal has many choices
      of pasta and salads,e tc, and last year they had Ben and Jerry's ice cream
      after the race at the dinner - but get it quick - it goes fast!

      The volunteers at this run are terrific - really, really nice, and helpful
      and you will have a blast. The course is beautiful, and even though alot of
      it is on dirt roads, they are very rural, and the surrounding countryside is
      all farms and homesteads, and it almost feels like trail because you will
      only see a couple of cars all day. You will cross through one covered
      bridge, and you will only have to run on blacktop for very short sections
      crossing roads or getting to the next trail.
      Good luck, see you at Smoke Rise Farm!

      deb r
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      > Hello there, just spent a good while catching up on all the
      > intersting mails!!
      > And now I'm just begining to get a bit edgy as the run gets closer, I
      > thought maybe someone out there could help me with a few little
      > questions.
      > 1 Are you able to fill up on water at unmanned stations?
      > 2 Is route finding very difficult, especially overnight - are
      > glowlights used?
      > 3 Whats the weather anticipated to be in Vermont next week - is
      > rain expected?
      > 4 Are there showers at the end?
      > 5 Are there many bugs - the sort that bite?
      > 6 Is it good food along the route?
      > Look forward to meeting a lot of you, good running and resting 'till
      > then
      > Dave
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