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RE: [vt100] Re: Other running

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  • reno_debra@emc.com
    Good job on the 5K Eric! I ve done 2 of them total in my life, I think. ouch. 5k s are tooooo hard... gimme a 50 Miler any ol day... Last road race I did was
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 4, 2000
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      Good job on the 5K Eric! I've done 2 of them total in my life, I think.

      5k's are tooooo hard... gimme a 50 Miler any ol' day... Last road race I did
      was in January - a tough, hilly 16 miler in NH. It was a "tempo run" for me
      - just wanted to get a run in and have some fun....Would you believe that a
      volunteer actually chided me for walking the hills? He saw me power walking
      a hill at about the 5 mile mark and started shaking his head."You're going
      to be in trouble if you're already walking" he said... I just smiled and
      went on. Then, another woman runner and I kept trading places - she would
      run up the hills and pass me.. I would power walk them, and pass her on the
      down, and we were pretty even on the flat stretches.. After doing this
      several times, she said to me, as she passed me on the uphill, (in a sort of
      snobbish voice I might add) "I don't think your plan works very well...".
      I beat her by a full 5 minutes. HA!!!
      But a 5K????? No way... These days, I only have one speed left, I think..
      Today my training consisted of a 14 mile walk pushing a baby carriage.
      Okay, a few times I broke into a jog, but this stroller is not made for
      running and it developed an annoying squeak. My legs feel fine. My arms
      are tired! Good workout though -

      Do you think a very tough, hilly, rugged 7 mile trail race this weekend
      would be an okay thing to do? I am just sooooo antsy... I will not be
      reckless - this course is definitely "break a leg, sprain an ankle"
      material, but I just want to run it hard enough to push myself a bit.
      opinions, anyone?

      ps. Eric, I think, adding in aid station time, pit stops, etc. you could
      probably do 10 hours - why not go for it???? :-)
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      > Eric: 17:49 is not too shabby. I ran a 12K last year and and a 20
      > miler in '98, but have not run a 5K in ages. I always get trashed in
      > my age division in 5 and 10K races. This is one tough area, so third
      > in your division is a good show. Now if you can be 3rd in your
      > division at VT, that will be great. Of course 9 and a half would do
      > a
      > bit better than 3rd. Now where did that long weekend go?
      > Frank
      > --- In vt100@egroups.com, eric ivey <eciandmci@h...> wrote:
      > > So, I usually do a group track workout on Tuesday nights with some
      > local
      > > triathletes and runners (one of them is Joanna Zeiger, who will be
      > > representing the USA at the Olympics in triathlon this september),
      > but
      > > tonight's workout was cancelled because of the holiday so I decided
      > to
      > > jump into a local 5k for a quick speed workout. Man, that's a whole
      > > different kind of "fun." It's been awhile since I've done something
      > > short like that and I completely forgot what it's like to start out
      > at
      > > almost a full sprint! I also forgot that it's possible to want to
      > puke
      > > after only 3 miles!
      > > Anyway, I managed 3rd in my division (20-29)- yeah, divisions, I
      > almost
      > > forgot what that's like too, in 17:49. So I figure that works out
      > to
      > > about 9 and half hours for 100 miles, right? Just kidding!
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