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Re: [vt100] New Thread

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  • thewashman@aol.com
    Frank, I m back from my long weekend.
    Message 1 of 6 , Dec 31, 1969
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      I'm back from my long weekend.

      <<Ol' Frank - who is back to feeling his age (it's high 80's>>

      Somehow, Frank, I thought you were much younger that the high 80's.

      See in a week from Friday.

      Jeff Washburn
    • Frank Probst
      Deb: At times I think it would be nice to have grand kids and at times, not. Taking it easy these last two weeks will not hurt you. You are right about the
      Message 2 of 6 , Jul 3 6:02 PM
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        Deb: At times I think it would be nice to have grand kids and at
        times, not. Taking it easy these last two weeks will not hurt you.
        You are right about the field. I imagine that at least seven of the
        ladies will beat me too, providing that I finish.

        I never take electrolyte tabs during training and do not take them
        for the first couple hours of an ultra. I take my first one when
        my stomach starts to lock up. The salt usually keeps things moving
        out of the stomach. I also take one anytime I start cramping. I
        know some people take them every X hours or minutes, but you can
        recover from too little salt by popping a tab with water. You have a
        much harder time recovering from too much salt. I do think the salt
        has helped with my finicky stomach and with cramping during the later
        stages of an ultra. I probably should have carried tabs with me when
        we were marking the MMT trail as I nearly passed out going up
        Waterfall in the sun and heat in the late afternoon the day before
        MMT. I had two bottles of plain water, but they did not do the trick.

        This morning, I had some honey-do errands to run and did not do my
        training run until 11:30. I went 9 miles and then from 1PM to 5PM, I
        washed and waxed vehicles (of course there is a big thunderstorm out
        side right now and my roof is leaking, but that's another story.) So
        I spent four hours after my run out in the hot sun. I drank a lot of
        water and Pepsi. While eating supper, I got a cramp in my hand. The
        salt with the food and plenty more water seems to have taken care of
        it. If I get another cramp, I will certainly pop a tab. (Looks like
        I will be in the sun again tomorrow, on my roof.)

        Have fun with the baby.


        --- In vt100@egroups.com, reno_debra@e... wrote:
        > Yep Frank, I'm babysitting... it is forcing a taper because I
        > no baby jogger - I actually might have a total two week layoff
        > Vermont as I am keeping her every day.
        > Dont know if that's a good thing or not.. I will have gained
        > pounds by then because my appetite thinks I'm still doing lots of
        > mileage....
        > :-O Just look for the chubby red-headed runner with the Texas
        > - that would be me!
        > I did get out on some very hilly trails this past Saturday for
        > 20 miles maybe - but it felt like 50, so I dont know what that
        means.. I
        > haven't felt recovered really truely since Massanutten.... must be
        this age
        > thing - darn!!! Plus, it doesnt much matter, anyway.. Having
        at the
        > women's field for this year's race, I could run a personal best by
        > and still only finish maybe 7th or 8th woman! So, for me, it'll
        just be to
        > have a good time, and do some socializing out there on the trails
        with all
        > you guys. Frank, since we wont be seeing the horses this year,
        > mean those big tubs full of water and sponges wont be out there?
        Even with
        > horse slobber mixed in, they felt pretty good in the 100 degree
        > year!
        > and here's a question: I think it's been discussed before,
        > perhaps not on this forum.. does anyone else refrain from taking
        salt tabs
        > during training to "train" the body to become more efficient in
        > salt? Does it make a difference? I typically do not use the
        Succeed tabs
        > during training runs. I just wondered if this has any effect during
        > races... I have noticed that my sweat seems to be less salty
        > that we've have a good week of hot and humid weather -
        > see ya'll in two weeks!! yippee!
        > deb
        > ]
        > > From: Frank Probst [SMTP:probstf@e...]
        > > Sent: Sunday, July 02, 2000 6:28 PM
        > > To: vt100@egroups.com
        > > Subject: [vt100] New Thread
        > >
        > > Well, I know Eric, Ed, the Washman and Johnny are still alive, a
        > > of onesies and zeros were generated by a person who either droped
        > > dropped (not literally), and there is a lot of BS on the ultra
        > > about being politically correct even if the issue is not worth
        > > time. Has everyone else died or quit? I am stuck at home this
        > > of
        > > July weekend, there is absolutely nothing on TV and all my
        > > this list must be completely ready and have gone to the beach (or
        > > Silverton). Deb must be baby-sitting. Martha, where are you? I
        saw a
        > > fellow VHTRC lady going to VT on the trail this morning. She did
        > > trail miles yesterday AM and was on her way to a 13 or so today.
        > > felt like I was being lazy as I only did 12 yesterday and 5 this
        > > morning and am still having hip joint aches from LHHT. It is
        > > to
        > > balance healing/recovering and yet keep up the mileage. This
        > > particular runner was covered in goose bumps yesterday at the
        > > of
        > > our run along Bull Run, so she is probably praying for hot
        > > while I am trying to will a nice cool day. Faith moves mountains
        > > at least helps you climb over them). I am hoping that she makes
        > > the cutoffs this time. She is still looking for her first 100
        > >
        > > I have ordered two pair of new shoes on Friday, but still only
        > > on
        > > wearing one pair to get me through VT. Do they make big trail
        > > (size 13/14) for us high arched, narrowed foot, folks who just
        > > cushioning and not a lot of stability. I hate to waste the price
        > > a
        > > pair when road shoes have carried me through over 60 ultras. I
        > > have 70 if I would quit dnfing. Maybe not using trails shoes is
        > > problem.
        > >
        > > Doesn't anyone have some wild new light, water pack, or magic
        > > nutrition bar or shoe that we can talk about? Responses welcome.
        > > need help to get through the next two weeks.
        > >
        > > Ol' Frank - who is back to feeling his age (it's high 80's, but
        > > too humid, so it IS the heat too!)
        > >
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