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79RE: [vt100] trivia question

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  • Pero, Stephen M
    Jun 20 7:07 AM
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      > > The toughest climb is a couple of miles after Ten Bear
      > (First time) which
      > > goes straight up an old stream bed.
      > >
      > Funny, I don't remember the up hill on this one, but I
      > do remember a
      > long downhill - as I recall, I ran with Jose Wilke sometime
      > around there -
      > he was on his way to his 14 hundred milers...

      It was here that I first hurled...on the top of that hill. I was mixing some
      Clip and Rena Shuman was with Me and said "Hey, We're on the same diet" and
      as She was saying that was pouring a cup of Coke and asked if I'd like some.
      It sure looked good, so I said sure and as soon as I got it down, within
      seconds, it came back up on the road. She then said "Oh, I guess that won't
      be on Your diet"
      I ate fruit and water until the night after that episode...

      seeya 3 weeks from Friday,
      Steve Pero
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