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78RE: [vt100] trivia question

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  • reno_debra@emc.com
    Jun 19, 2000
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      > Deb,
      > One of the biggest and hottest clinmb is just after the Lincoln Covered
      > Bridge (the second covered bridge).
      Is that the one that goes up the field? I remember one that we
      turned off a road onto a grassy trail going through a meadow up, up, up the

      > The toughest climb is a couple of miles after Ten Bear (First time) which
      > goes straight up an old stream bed.
      Funny, I don't remember the up hill on this one, but I do remember a
      long downhill - as I recall, I ran with Jose Wilke sometime around there -
      he was on his way to his 14 hundred milers...

      > There is also a very long climb after Tracer Brook which goes on
      > forever. And, of course, the climb up Blood Hill ending around 88 miles.
      > The final climb can be tough as well but you usually smell the barn by
      > then and get up it quickly.
      I do not remember feeling like Blood HIll was all that terrible...
      or maybe I was just half unconcious by then....

      Please God let it be cooler this year!!!
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