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59RE: [vt100] Vermont

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  • Pero, Stephen M
    Jun 16, 2000
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      Hi Jeff...

      Oh I knew what You were doing and is why I included the wink ;-)...

      You'll probably be ahead of Me for awhile there as I'm going out real easy
      on that ATV road, walking that first hill and then as the course flattens
      out try to stay at an easy pace until CTB#1. If I am still feeling ok, I'll
      try to start catching runners from there on in. That's what worked for Me in
      '98 and also pretty much at OD, although I was a bit disappointed in my time
      at OD...really thought I could come in around 21 hours, but that sick
      session in the middle really slowed Me down until dark. Then with Greg
      Loomis by my side I was able to run a little better (with the help of the
      soup and coffee, of course).

      I'm really looking forward to Vt this year...I feel like I am starting to
      get a handle on how to run 100's.

      If You aren't doing anything tonight, and Paula will let You, come up and
      join Sue and I on Mt Washington. We're going to be starting around 9pm and
      finishing around 2 am (my guess). We're running up and back down the auto
      road the day before the race.

      seeya all soon,

      PS: I look forward to those hills, too. Especially after CTB.

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      > Steve,
      > As you could probably tell, I was trying to tease Ed into
      > going out slowly because the first part is mostly downhill
      > and he will have to consciously think about slowing down. I
      > will, however, still run the first 12 miles fairly hard but
      > not to get miles in the bank but, rather, because it is the
      > coolest part of the day and it is downhill. Two of the only
      > reasons that I can finish these things. OD is more difficult
      > than Vermont becasue there is so much flat terrain that you
      > tend to run a whole lot more and pay the price later with
      > tired legs. You tend to forget to take walking breaks.
      > Vermont dictates when to walk by giving you a long uphill.
      > As much as I love to run downhill, I sometimes can't wait for
      > an uphill so that I can walk again, which is what I do after
      > the 12 mile aid station. The race begins from there.
      > Talk later,
      > Jeff Washburn
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