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  • Pero, Stephen M
    Jun 15, 2000
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      Hi Ed...

      Don't listen to Jeff...;-) Go out easy at Vermont...if I try to put money in
      the bank at an ultra, then I die a vicious death later on, so I'm going out

      In 98 at the first aid station, I think I wasn't even in the first 100, then
      at the half I was in 42nd and I finished in 23rd..and I ran the 9th best
      paced race. So I think that even paced running is the best way to go and is
      what I am going to do this year, unlike last year when I was too big for my
      britches and decided to "go for it"...and crashed and burned on the side of
      the trail at mile 35...dropping at 42.

      The start is on a rough ATV road for a couple of miles and one is best to
      take it easy on that as You can turn an ankle in the confusion of the crowd.
      Your going by runners and they're going by You...take it easy until the
      first hill, which I think comes at about 2 3/4 miles, where You can then
      walk for the first time...then just ease into a nice pace that will feel
      easy for the rest of the day.

      Boost is just another form of Ensure.

      Instead of Advil, I take Tylenol...1 every 2 hours after 50 miles to ease
      the quad pain...Any Nsaids like Advil, aspirin, etc can mess with Your
      kidneys...just ask Deb.

      For quad strength, I do first of all hill repeats. The downhills get the
      quads and is the best specificity training You can do. A couple of times a
      week I do single leg squats, maybe 3 sets of 20...then straight leg raises
      (3x20)...then lunges (3x20) and then after a bit of rest 100 double legged
      squats, all without weights. Along with this I do a bit of upper body stuff,
      pushups, situps, bicep curls and tricep dips. I do more weights in the
      weight room off season and just settle with the easier stuff now until maybe
      January, where I'll return to the gym.

      My guess about Vermont comparisons is that it is nothing like MMT, some
      parts are close to Laurel but it is more closer to Old Dominion, but OD
      seems to be harder for some reason...it's probably due to Sherman's Gap,
      Veach Gap and Woodstock Tower all coming in the last 20 miles...

      seeya soon,

      PS: Tomorrow night I may be doing a night (9pm to approx 2am), full moon
      training run up and back down Mount Washington in NH with Sue Johnston ...
      Fun, Fun, Fun!

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      > Thanks so much Martha, steve and Jeff: I think I saw you
      > Jeff, at Laurel.
      > Martha: Do you eat cold chicken and dumplings??? I dont think
      > I could do that
      > under optimal conditions. I know a few people that use ensure
      > but I cannot
      > handle it. What is Boost? Is it a formula or milk like
      > product??I really am
      > interested. I wish there was a food that had no taste, the perfect
      > combination of all that is good for you and was easy to
      > digest. But all the
      > advice taken together is very helpful. It does confirm
      > several things: there
      > is great variablility among all of us (all an experiment of
      > one....) but also
      > some universals: water, electrolytes, some type of food/fuel,
      > more are using
      > clip than most other mixes ( such as the amino drink I got)
      > and now I have
      > heard quite a few advise against the advill and cafeine.
      > Martha: I will also
      > ty clif shots I never have. Jeff I don't know yet if I should
      > go too hard on
      > the first downhills but will see maybe easy and
      > confortable.,I have done
      > several years worth of marathon level running and now 50s + , yet I
      > constantly start off too strong and regret it later. I
      > probably dont have the
      > discipline you do. Also ; what type of leg workouts do you
      > recomend for
      > downhill (quads on a press, a leg curl on your back or
      > stomach?) besides hill
      > running? Do you think workout with weights should also be
      > tapered before a
      > 100? Thanks to everyone, Vermont sounds like a fun run. BTW:
      > I have heard
      > that it is a relatively faster 100 than most and that instead
      > of trails it is
      > mostly dirt roads, pretty roads but very different from a
      > trail run. The
      > elevations seem close to many of the runs around the
      > Virginia/Maryland area,
      > are the hills about the same as MMT or Laurel? How does it
      > compare to these
      > two?
      > As always thanks much
      > ed
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