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  • reno_debra@emc.com
    Jun 13, 2000
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      Heck, I tried to convince him to just elope - much easier! He lives in
      Texas and that's where the wedding will be, so we get to travel. Believe it
      or not, I was already checking the UR calendar to see if there's any trail
      runs down there during the week! (are we addicted or what?)
      thanks for the congrats.. I haven't seen the results either from LH, and was
      wanting to know how Barb Bellows did, or if she finished.. it was a long day
      out there ...
      good luck at Vermont if I don't make it..

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      > Deb
      > I do hope you can come and I remember you offering me some advice for mmt:
      > thanks. I have three boys just a little short of marrying age so I can
      > imagine that nothing not even running can compare to your childs' wedding.
      > BTW: I believe (I havent seen the results yet) that you were number one at
      > LAUREL!!!!!?!!! CONGRATULATIONS on a great run./maybe I will see you at
      > Vermont
      > ed
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