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  • reno_debra@emc.com
    Jun 13, 2000
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      Hi Ed,

      sorry to hear of your stomach problems at LH - soooo many people had trouble
      that day!
      Hope to see you at Vermont.. I am entered and have planned all year to go,
      but just got word from my
      oldest son that his wedding date has changed, and now all my schedule is in
      an uproar, so I dont know if
      now I'll have the vacation time to run it. bummer..

      see ya, hopefully,
      deb r.

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      > Sent: Tuesday, June 13, 2000 5:50 PM
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      > Subject: [vt100] vermont
      > Hi eric and fellow runners
      > i wished I had known this list was up and running months ago. I only
      > participated a bit in the mmt list but benefited greatly from the
      > wealth of information that was shared so generously. I completed mmt
      > but dnf-ed at Laurel- I believe largely due to heat but possibly also
      > related to not enough recovery from mmt and possibly too much
      > hydration. I am actually in the process of posing my question to Karl
      > King. Since my first dnf, I have been relentlessly reading and
      > researching possible problems and came acros a cite on Kevin Sayers
      > webpage on heat aclimation that discussed overhydration. I had
      > previously thought that one could not over hydrate but despite
      > doubling my succeed intake, drinking a lot and alternating netween
      > clip and amino, I suffered naggin nauseousness from about mile 6 to
      > mile 46 and then threw in the towel.I know I can run a 100 as I have
      > and I know I can run without stomach problems. If anyone has any good
      > advice or can point me to good advice on possible overhydration and
      > just general heat acclimation, I would really appreciate it. For
      > those of you that did finish Laurel and I know a few of you on this
      > list did: Congratualtions, and I agree 100% that it is a beautiful
      > course, a perefect example of a trail ultra AND I WILL ADD that Tim
      > HEwitt did a great job as RD!! He was terrific. There was great aid,
      > I happened to meet his mother and kids who were volunteering at aide
      > stations and then saw he and his wife doing the sweeping. In
      > addition, I saw him handle a problem with a runner in one of the best
      > ways I can imagine. He really runs a good run.
      > Eric thanks for starting this list. BTW: I live in Gaithersburg,
      > Maryland and pass by Columbia frequently (just did an hour ago). If
      > you have an interest in some light pre-Vermont training, let me know'
      > Ed Schultze
      > Good luck to all
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