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  • Frank Probst
    Apr 20, 2000
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      Just wondering if Vermont is so far off that everyone just quit
      posting. For the Eastern Step Series, we are passed the halfway
      with BRR last weekend. VHTRC gave us great weather and a super race.
      Just sorry I could not hang around after the finish. Ran a good part
      of the race with Eric Ivey who is on this list. He ran very well in
      his second 50 miler and bettered his JFK time quite a bit. BRR
      be about 30 minutes slower than JFK, so Eric is really improving with
      experience. Next on the series list is the Laurel Highlands run up
      PA in June. Will see a lot of the folks on this list at MMT. I am
      not running, but will be marking trail so those of you that are will
      not get lost. Happy Trails.