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2[vt100] My first 100 also

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  • Bill Rice
    Feb 10, 2000
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      Eric and others,
      Thanks for a neat forum for those of us headed for Vermont. It will be
      my first attempt at 100 miles and I am looking forward to the journey.
      Like Eric, I have a number of events planned between now and then; Mt.
      Mitchell Challenge this month, Border to Border (20 miler) in March,
      Bull Run in April, a regular marathon or two in May. Trek across Maine
      in June (185 mile bike ride) and then Vermont. Key goals for me are to
      stay healthy!!! and have fun. Like Eric any advice greatly appreciated
      especially drop bag advice (I have no clue) and running between 10PM
      and 2AM (not a night person, but love early mornings courtesy of Uncle
      Again my thanks,
      In Maine where winter spring and fall have gotten all mixed up!!
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