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15[vt100] Buncha stuff

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  • Steve Pero
    Mar 7, 2000
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      Hi Gang...

      Just got onto this group and see some good conversation. This is
      looking like the Eric, Bill and Frank show here...much tamer than the

      I have run Vermont twice, a 19:45 in '98 and a dnf around 40ish in the
      heat last year after running a stupid blazing pace with Christy
      Cosgrove. To give you a hint...I had Sue Johnston as my crew and She
      told me around 20 miles that I was 12 minutes ahead of the previous
      year's pace...dumb...but I'm still learning, too.

      Training? I generally do a lot of miles on the weekends mostly. A good
      example was this past weekend where I went to the Wapack range in
      Souther N.H. and ran 18 miles. This range has about 7 smaller mountains
      ranging around 1500' and We do that as an out and back, so get them
      twice. Lots of snow and ice...then on Sunday, We went to Mt Greylock in
      N. Adams, Ma. and ran up and over the top twice for 30 miles...again on
      a lot of snow and ice. So We got about 48 miles of hilly running and
      walking in and the total time was around 12 hours.

      We do this sort of thing every weekend and just do shorter, faster runs
      during the week for maybe a total of around 50-80 MPW.

      I am running Massannutten also and am getting ready for that first, so
      if anyone is going to be there, I'll look You up.

      Drop bags? The first year I ran, I put a bag at about every 20 miles
      and they were pretty empty except for my Clip, which is the drink I
      use. I DID change my shoes at CTB#1 and then back into the other shoes
      at CTB#2.
      I did not need them last year and I won't need them again this year as
      Sue has offered to crew and pace me again...after She wins Hardrock the
      week before, where I may go and crew for Her if I can get the time to
      get out there.

      Many Who have run Vermont before have told Me that the halfway is at
      CTB#2 at 68 miles...not at 50. From 48 CTB#1 to 68 CTB#2, I found to be
      the hardest part and after that it started to get darker and start to
      cool down a bit, plus they began putting out the chicken soup, which I
      live on during the last 30 miles.

      If I can think of anything else, I'll post it...either that or just ask
      and if I don't have the answer, I can find it out.

      I'll most likely be camping and hanging out with Gilly's gang on the
      hill, so look Me up and I'll be looking forward to seeing You all there.

      Steve Pero