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147RE: [vt100] Check out AOL News: Local Forecast for Killington, V T

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  • reno_debra@emc.com
    Jul 7, 2000
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      Hi Ed....

      Well, it probably cant be WORSE than it was last year.. so I'm looking
      forward to it!

      see ya there,

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      > Subject: [vt100] Check out AOL News: Local Forecast for Killington,
      > VT
      > <A HREF="aol://4344:6.USVT0125.41361549.627510672">Click here: AOL News:
      > Local Forecast for Killington, VT</A>
      > Dave
      > You can use this link to check on the weather in the general woodstock
      > area.
      > There is another link, I think called intelli-weather or something like
      > that
      > probably from another provider or Yahoo or someone. I remember preparing
      > for
      > MMT and watching the weather several day ahead and noticing about a 20
      > degree
      > difference between two different forecasts but it really didn't matter
      > because I was going to run in it no matter what it said. The good news so
      > far, weather-wise is that it really looks great. Its been beautiful in
      > Maryland (my home state). In fact, its almost been too cool as I have been
      > trying hard to get my body heat-acclimated. I have been trying to go out
      > during the hottest part of the day on the hottest days and even then when
      > I
      > get on the trails, its just comfortable. Maybe its an omen that Vermont
      > will
      > be beautiful and everything about the run will also be beautiful
      > Best of Luck
      > Ed Schultze
      > another first timer to Vermont
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