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142Re: [vt100] Some Tips for all you pacers out there..

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  • eric ivey
    Jul 6, 2000
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      Actually, McFlurries, especially Butterfinger flavor, are the best food
      on the planet - with the exception of Macaroni and Cheese, of course!
      Give me a daily ration of those 2 and I'm set!

      So, we're supposed to be done experimenting with things now? Hmm, cuz I
      was thinking of trying new socks at VT - that should be ok right? Just
      kidding! Speaking of new things, I bought a new pair of Montrail Leona
      Divides a couple weeks ago, and after only 2 runs one of the shoelace
      eyelets ripped off! I went back to exchange them and had to wait over a
      week for them to order my size. I just got them yesterday and will do
      my best to break them in before the 15th....but I'm only planning on
      running 2 or 3 more times, and not very far. At least I have another
      pair that are already broken in so it's not like I'm going into it with
      completely foreign shoes on my feet. The plan is to wear the old pair
      for 50, then the new ones for the last 50.

      Oh yeah, Johnny, since you mentioned it at LHT, I've been using Endurox
      Excel, and I really like the effects of it. It definitely delays the
      onset of lactic acid, especially during hard cycling workouts. And my
      lungs don't catch fire as easily as they used to.

      Ok, I'm heading out for my last trail run this afternoon...

      Raney Maj Johnny R wrote:
      > Okay Eric, didn't you hear, McFlurries produce slow run times. Just
      > kidding. Well ladies and gentlemen we are only 9 days from the big event.
      > Hope everyone is done experimenting with new shoes, new drinks and whatever
      > else they are thinking about using for the race and ready to JUST DO IT!
      > (sorry Nike, had to use that). It is this time before a race that I get
      > nervous, not for the run, but because I hate to taper down. It seems I
      > enjoy the training miles more than the races because I do not have to think
      > about it much except to just go out and run whenever I feel like it.
      > Whereas the race makes you plan, car, hotel, food, beverage, extra this,
      > extra that and hope I didn't train too much, when am I gonna run last, no
      > Mexican food, cut down on alcohol. Talk about taxing my brain, give me a
      > nice trail and no timer and let me go and see you again someday. But alas,
      > we get to the end and I have to get to work. Look forward too seeing you
      > all at the race and don't forget to smile along the way.
      > John
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      > Deb, I think you tried to kill me! You had me laughing so hard at your
      > rules that I damn near choked to death on my McFlurry!
      > I'd probably stay away from that trail race this weekend. I was
      > thinking about doing a short biathlon near here this coming sunday but
      > opted not to because it's just too close to next week to risk injury.
      > Then again, you have far more experience at these 100 milers than I do
      > (especially since I have a total of NONE), so I'm sure you know your
      > body well enough to make the best decision for you.
      > I went down to the Mall in D.C. for the fireworks last night and lemme
      > tell you all - there is just something amazingly cool about celebrating
      > the 4th of July in the nation's Capital! If you ever get the chance, I
      > highly recommend it!
      > Eric
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