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14[vt100] Re: Pacers and Crew

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  • eric ivey
    Feb 20, 2000
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      Frank -
      Thanks for that insight. Congratulations on a well run race yesterday! For
      those that don't know, Frank won his division at the Holiday Lake 50k (35
      miles actually) with an impressive 5:14 - just 2 weeks after running 18+
      hours at Rocky Raccoon. I was fortunate enough to leap frog with him most
      of the 2nd half at Holiday Lake. Way to go Frank!


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      From: Frank Probst <probstf@...>
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      Date: Sunday, February 20, 2000 3:07 PM
      Subject: [vt100] Pacers and Crew

      >Eric asked about pacers and Bill provided some excellent comments. VT
      >100 is not a USATF national championship, it is simply a 100 mile trail
      >run with sections of paved and dirt road. The rules allow for both
      >crews and pacers. If you have family and friends that you would like
      >to participart in the event with you as crew and pacer, go for it. I
      >would not feel guilty or feel like I cheated if I took a book to an
      >open book exam. If you want to say you did it without crew or pacer,
      >then do not take them. I just do not think I could race a 100 mile
      >event without some aid. Even if I only take water at the aid stations
      >and follow the trail markings (someone else had to mark the trail), I
      >am not doing it all on my own. Most of the anti-crew and pacer crowd
      >on the Ultra List do not participate in or direct 100 mile trail
      >events. I really would not be worried about their opinions as I do
      >not run ultras to gain their approval or impress them. If you enter
      >the race, then you should accept the rules established by the RD. If
      >you do not like the rules, you do not have to enter.
      >Frank Probst
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