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136Re: [vt100] Pacer

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    Jul 4, 2000
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      In a message dated 7/4/00 9:58:08 PM Eastern Daylight Time, tiska@...

      > What if I am the pacer from hell???

      What if I'm the "runner" from hell?

      > What if I make statements or did things like...
      > 1) "Are you developing a limp?"

      Did you say limp? Watch it.

      > 2) "I have 5 bucks that says you go down before mile mark 87"

      That would probably cause me to deck you, leave your body in the woods
      somewhere, and prove you wrong. Try that. It might be good motivation.

      > 3) I run closely behind you and keep kicking your trailing foot just
      > enough to trip you...

      No thanks...I don't need any help.

      > 4) I eat your food....

      I bite your hand off.

      > 5) I put icy/hot and alcohol on your blistered feet by mistake....

      No blisters for me....and no alcohol either....you know that!!!

      > 6) You finding little globs of turkey meat floating in the water bottle
      > I filled for you....

      I pick them out and eat them, figuring you are just rinsing off the dirt from
      when the sandwich fell on the ground.

      > 7) I run backwards in front of you and keep chanting "you'll never make
      > it"

      See 2) above.

      > Would you still like me if I made mistakes like this???
      > I will try not to... Stan... *evil grin*

      Just don't forget the flashlights.

      If you make me cry, you'll feel worse than me....remember that...and none of
      that stuff I promised. (Deb...hmmm.....offers?)

      Later -