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13[vt100] Pacers and Crew

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  • Frank Probst
    Feb 20, 2000
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      Eric asked about pacers and Bill provided some excellent comments. VT
      100 is not a USATF national championship, it is simply a 100 mile trail
      run with sections of paved and dirt road. The rules allow for both
      crews and pacers. If you have family and friends that you would like
      to participart in the event with you as crew and pacer, go for it. I
      would not feel guilty or feel like I cheated if I took a book to an
      open book exam. If you want to say you did it without crew or pacer,
      then do not take them. I just do not think I could race a 100 mile
      event without some aid. Even if I only take water at the aid stations
      and follow the trail markings (someone else had to mark the trail), I
      am not doing it all on my own. Most of the anti-crew and pacer crowd
      on the Ultra List do not participate in or direct 100 mile trail
      events. I really would not be worried about their opinions as I do
      not run ultras to gain their approval or impress them. If you enter
      the race, then you should accept the rules established by the RD. If
      you do not like the rules, you do not have to enter.
      Frank Probst
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