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  • Frank Probst
    Jul 2, 2000
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      Well, I know Eric, Ed, the Washman and Johnny are still alive, a lot
      of onesies and zeros were generated by a person who either droped or
      dropped (not literally), and there is a lot of BS on the ultra list
      about being politically correct even if the issue is not worth our
      time. Has everyone else died or quit? I am stuck at home this 4th
      July weekend, there is absolutely nothing on TV and all my friends on
      this list must be completely ready and have gone to the beach (or to
      Silverton). Deb must be baby-sitting. Martha, where are you? I saw a
      fellow VHTRC lady going to VT on the trail this morning. She did 21
      trail miles yesterday AM and was on her way to a 13 or so today. I
      felt like I was being lazy as I only did 12 yesterday and 5 this
      morning and am still having hip joint aches from LHHT. It is tough
      balance healing/recovering and yet keep up the mileage. This
      particular runner was covered in goose bumps yesterday at the start
      our run along Bull Run, so she is probably praying for hot weather
      while I am trying to will a nice cool day. Faith moves mountains (or
      at least helps you climb over them). I am hoping that she makes all
      the cutoffs this time. She is still looking for her first 100 finish.

      I have ordered two pair of new shoes on Friday, but still only plan
      wearing one pair to get me through VT. Do they make big trail shoes
      (size 13/14) for us high arched, narrowed foot, folks who just need
      cushioning and not a lot of stability. I hate to waste the price of
      pair when road shoes have carried me through over 60 ultras. I would
      have 70 if I would quit dnfing. Maybe not using trails shoes is the

      Doesn't anyone have some wild new light, water pack, or magic drink,
      nutrition bar or shoe that we can talk about? Responses welcome. I
      need help to get through the next two weeks.

      Ol' Frank - who is back to feeling his age (it's high 80's, but not
      too humid, so it IS the heat too!)