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110Re: Reflections on Vermont

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  • Frank Probst
    Jul 1, 2000
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      Eric: You are ready. As you pointed out, today was a very unusual
      day for the DC area. C&O is a good place to train, but like my
      daily training run course, it is a bit flat. It was high 60s to high
      70s and low humidity when we did our little training run on the
      Northern section of the Bull Run Trail. (I hope someone does not
      decide that Bull Run reminds them of the Civil War and thus we have
      quite running there to be politically correct.) It was a beautiful
      day. It is only 82 out there now, but that is tough in the direct
      sun. I just sealed my driveway and got a bit warm. One other thing
      about camping at VT, If you get there early, try and pick out a
      protected spot so someone does not come in late at night and run into
      your tent. Two weeks from now we will be well into the VT course.
      Bring it on.


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