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1[vt100] Intro

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  • Eric Ivey
    Feb 9, 2000
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      I know the race is several months away still, but VT will be my first
      100 so I'm looking to get any and all info that I can from more
      experienced people as soon as possible. Things I'm concerned about:
      terrain, elevation change, aid stations (are there really 36 aid
      stations? that seems like a LOT), weather (morning, afternoon and
      night), etc. I guess all the normal stuff.
      Some runs I'm doing leading up to the event: All of the Eastern Steps
      Series events (Holiday Lake 50k, Bull Run 50 miler, Laurel Highlands 70
      miler), I'll do some others as well, along with some triathlons and
      Thanks in advance!
      Columbia, Md