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509Re: [vsx-dis] VSX "AAVSO LCG" URLs are built incorrectly

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  • Sebasti├ín Otero
    Jan 27, 2011
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      >>> The time span does need IMO more discussion:

      ASAS plots by default all obs they have. This is unpractical for the AAVSO
      obs span a much longer time.
      If one does just consider LPVs, one could choose a time span of up to ~
      20 years to get still nice LCs for most of these stars.
      One cann't consider short period EBs and pulsators for this. Maybe even
      not Cepheids.

      This brings the question of a phase plot option such as ASAS or Hipparcos
      And of course that, depending on the star's period, a different time span
      option would be the ideal case.

      >>> Choosing 3000d (~ 8 years) for the time span gives major time ticks
      >>> every
      750d and minor time ticks every 150d. Not really odd numbers, but IMO
      choosing 4000d (~ 11 years) with 1000d and 200d time ticks, or 2000d
      (~ 5.5 years) with 500d and 100d time ticks, or 1000d (~ 3 years) with
      250d and 50d time ticks would be better.

      I see your point, maybe a 2,000 d. figure could be chosen then (although I
      would prefer 4,000)
      It's just to have a first look at the star's behaviour over longer time
      frames than 200 d. It was too short for most cases.
      But if someone wants a different time span it can be got easily by changing
      the URL from "lastdays=2000 to lastdays=200" or whatever.

      >>> I would eithe just let plot V, vis, unvalidatred xor also enable the
      >>> plotting of
      R and I too beside U, B, V, vis, unknown, unvalidatred.

      I think that if you're so interested in that star in particular, you can
      take your time to go to the LCG page and set all the parameteres as you
      wish. I think that only displaying visual observations for the VSX entry is
      a good choice, I wouldn't wnat to have all kinds of mixed symbols if I just
      wanted to see the star's general behaviour over the recent years.

      Best wishes,
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