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508Re: [vsx-dis] VSX "AAVSO LCG" URLs are built incorrectly

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  • Wolfgang Renz
    Jan 27, 2011

      The time span does need IMO more discussion:

      ASAS plots by default all obs they have. This is unpractical for the AAVSO
      obs span a much longer time.
      If one does just consider LPVs, one could choose a time span of up to ~
      20 years to get still nice LCs for most of these stars.
      One cann't consider short period EBs and pulsators for this. Maybe even
      not Cepheids.
      But one should at least consider SRs and RVs with their usually much
      shorter periods too.

      gnuplot (that is used for the LCG plots) creates plots with always 4 major
      time ticks and 2 or 5 minor time ticks per major time tick.
      So if someone wants to get easily readable, whole, round time valuess
      for the JD time axis, they should choose the time span of the LCG plots
      to be a multiple of 8 or better a multiple of 20.
      Choosing 3000d (~ 8 years) for the time span gives major time ticks every
      750d and minor time ticks every 150d. Not really odd numbers, but IMO
      choosing 4000d (~ 11 years) with 1000d and 200d time ticks, or 2000d
      (~ 5.5 years) with 500d and 100d time ticks, or 1000d (~ 3 years) with
      250d and 50d time ticks would be better.

      When considering medium period SRs and RVs, I plead for a time span
      of 2000d (~ 5.5 years) for the LCG plots. This should be sufficient also
      for LPVs.

      I would eithe just let plot V, vis, unvalidatred xor also enable the plotting of
      R and I too beside U, B, V, vis, unknown, unvalidatred.

      Clear skies

      Wolfgang Renz, Karlsruhe, Germany
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