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499Re: [vsx-dis] UCAC3 identifier format... It's a joke...

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  • Sebastián Otero
    Oct 28, 2009
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      Subject: Re: [vsx-dis] UCAC3 identifier format.

      > http://cdsweb.u-strasbg.fr/cgi-bin/Dic-Simbad?/10531273
      > The Dictionary of Nomeclature is supposed to be the up-to-date
      > electronic repository of the acronyms and designation formats approved
      > in the Working Group on Astronomical Designations of IAU Commission 5.
      > Therefore, the notes
      > Write: <<3UCAC FFF-NNNNNN>>
      > and
      > ***** Avoid the usage of UCAC3, prefer 3UCAC
      > would seem to indicate that it is indeed 3UCAC which is the approved
      > acronym, and that the entire designation follows the field and star
      > number format described in the note from Bill Gray.
      > -Christopher


      Now the format is given as UCAC3 FFF-NNNNNN

      Worse still, VizieR says:

      UCAC3 designation (1)
      Note (1) : the 3UC number is the recommended identification of UCAC3 stars.
      It made as "zzz-nnnnnnn", where zzz is the zone number (between 1 and 360
      from South pole to North pole), and nnnnnn a 6-digit running number in the
      zone. For instance, 3UC180-000007 designates the 7th star in the 180th zone
      (declination range between -0.5 and 0.0°)

      So we started as 3UCAC FFF-NNNNNN, now the SIMAD dictionary changed it to
      UCAC3 FFF-NNNNNN and VizieR says 3UCFFF-NNNNNN...

      Weren't these things supposed to be worked out before a public release???

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