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488Re: [vsx-dis] Re: Suggestions for VSX

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  • Christopher Watson
    Sep 9, 2008
      No, Michael...VSX does not have that feature. Sounds like a good
      idea, at first blush, although I don't think we ever envisioned VSX as
      being an observation planning tool, per se. At least not in the
      context of a particular observer's geo-location. Paul Rodman's
      AstroPlanner does a REALLY good job of that, but of course can't take
      advantage of the entire VSX dataset...yet. I have been talking with
      Paul about engineering some VSX query capability into AstroPlanner so
      that it can bring up real-time VSX variables for a given sky view.
      Maybe we can make that happen. Paul's typically very accommodating
      about that kind of thing.

      VSX does have basic magnitude filtering, though.

      Christopher Watson

      On Mon, Sep 8, 2008 at 11:53 PM, michael.kran <michael.kran@...> wrote:
      > For what its worth, I joined vsx-dis just as I was thinking that a
      > query based on the observer's location, a filter on the altitude of
      > the object, and magnitude would be a nice addition.
      > My apologizes if VSX already has this feature. I didn't see it, though
      > I've only just joined AAVSO today.
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