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482Re: VSX and data publication

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  • martin_piers_nicholson
    Jun 17, 2008
      Has there been any progress on publishing the new discoveries entered
      into VSX? James last raised the subject back in December and I don't
      recall reading any update since then.

      --- In vsx-dis@yahoogroups.com, arne <arne@...> wrote:
      > James Bedient wrote:
      > > There has been a lot of discussion about how to disseminate the
      > > results placed in VSX, and this seemed to me to be seen as
      > > to the viability of VSX.
      > >
      > > Has there been any progress on this front? Any plans in the
      > >
      > > I'd like to make my own suggestion, and that's an electronic
      > > Supplement to JAAVSO. Establish it as a web-only HTML
      > > not open to submissions other than new variables, improved
      > > types, periods, etc. via VSX. Publish it once a quarter, have it
      > > fully indexed in SIMBAD and ADS, with everyone who submits
      > > information as co-authors. I'm starting to think that this may
      be the
      > > only way to keep VSX viable as the master database we all think it
      > > should be.
      > >
      > > Another issue is that we need to get VSX IDs into SIMBAD.
      > >
      > We are working on it, really. Unfortunately, at the current time
      > everything falls into one person's lap, and until we solve that
      > things must wait. This is an internal situation that does not need
      > public airing, and we're just making slower headway that I'd like.
      > The same goes for VSX publication. Remember that, right at the
      > beginning of the new star submission wizard, we specifically state
      > submitting new stars does not consitute publication, nor should you
      > that any supporting datafiles will be archived. Even so, my goals
      are to have
      > lists published in JAAVSO, and to get cross-linking with Simbad, by
      > mid-summer so that we have a full year of visibility before the IAU
      > meeting. I think there will be some interesting variable star
      > proposals at that meeting, and want the AAVSO and VSX to be properly
      > positioned. Everything else relating to this is politics, and I'm
      > not going to say more on a public discussion group.
      > Arne
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