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480Re: [vsx-dis] VSX and data publication

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  • arne
    Dec 27 5:09 AM
      James Bedient wrote:
      > There has been a lot of discussion about how to disseminate the
      > results placed in VSX, and this seemed to me to be seen as important
      > to the viability of VSX.
      > Has there been any progress on this front? Any plans in the works?
      > I'd like to make my own suggestion, and that's an electronic
      > Supplement to JAAVSO. Establish it as a web-only HTML publication,
      > not open to submissions other than new variables, improved positions,
      > types, periods, etc. via VSX. Publish it once a quarter, have it
      > fully indexed in SIMBAD and ADS, with everyone who submits accepted
      > information as co-authors. I'm starting to think that this may be the
      > only way to keep VSX viable as the master database we all think it
      > should be.
      > Another issue is that we need to get VSX IDs into SIMBAD.
      We are working on it, really. Unfortunately, at the current time most
      everything falls into one person's lap, and until we solve that problem,
      things must wait. This is an internal situation that does not need
      public airing, and we're just making slower headway that I'd like.

      The same goes for VSX publication. Remember that, right at the *very*
      beginning of the new star submission wizard, we specifically state that
      submitting new stars does not consitute publication, nor should you assume
      that any supporting datafiles will be archived. Even so, my goals are to have
      lists published in JAAVSO, and to get cross-linking with Simbad, by
      mid-summer so that we have a full year of visibility before the IAU 2009
      meeting. I think there will be some interesting variable star
      proposals at that meeting, and want the AAVSO and VSX to be properly
      positioned. Everything else relating to this is politics, and I'm
      not going to say more on a public discussion group.
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