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419Re: How to note a possible correction to VSX data

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  • rcdegraeve
    May 2, 2007
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      Hello Chris,

      I apologize for not including the info in my original post but I
      wasn't sure it would be okay.


      My interest is mostly an Miras and SRs. Looking into some SRs in
      Cephus I came across an what may be inaccurate info in VSX for AN CEP
      (haven't had time to look into any more). The "Study ref." in the
      database notes "C.Payne-Gaposchkin HA 118, N27, 1952." Now, this
      information as text only is correct as far as it goes (since it
      doesn't reference the field). The problem seems to be where it
      points. When following the hot spot, it takes you to the abstract for
      Milton Field 27, which covers stars in Hydra, Leo and Sextans.
      Digging a little deeper in the Harvard Annals, I found that, though
      AN CEP is, indeed, in vol 118, No. 27, it is in the abstract for
      Milton Field 1, not 27. I'm guessing it could be a misinterpertation
      of the "N27".

      It could be possible that I'm misinterperting what I see but I
      thought I'd bring it up the the discussion group. I hope this doesn't
      send anyone off on any wild goose chases!

      Rick De Graeve

      --- In vsx-dis@yahoogroups.com, "Christopher Watson" <skygeex@...>
      > Hi Rick,
      > To tell you the truth, I'd rather you didn't save the details for
      > actual submission. Please give me an example of what you're talking
      > about. If this is a systemic problem, I'll want to find a back-end
      > solution to it, rather than relying on user submissions of corrected
      > data. If it's something very localized, then user submissions may
      > OK. But I'd like to make that decision first. So please show me
      > you've got. Thanks!
      > Christopher Watson
      > Principal Architect
      > VSX
      > On 5/2/07, rcdegraeve <rcdegraeve@...> wrote:
      > > I'm wondering about how to submit what I guess amounts to data
      > > corrections to VSX. Reading through the guidelines, they seem to
      > > on submission of a new variable star and what/how to include
      > > data.
      > >
      > > In looking through VSX and some of the reference information
      cited in
      > > an entry, I've found a nested inaccuracy in the Study ref. data
      > > It's probably a just a small detail (and maybe I'm reading it
      > > but I know you want the database to be as accurate as possible.
      > > save the details for actual submission, but I'm not too clear on
      how to
      > > go about this.
      > >
      > > Thanks for your help!
      > >
      > > Rick De Graeve
      > > AAVSO - DGR
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