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413VSX UPDATE: New Data and Other Enhancements at VSX

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  • Christopher Watson
    Apr 4, 2007
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      Greetings all,

      Over the last few weeks, a big push was made to import into the
      International Variable Star Index (VSX) database all of the variable
      star catalogs and sundry relevant ancillary data collections that have
      been waiting "on deck" for upwards of a year. From the sources listed
      at the end of this post, thousands of new star records have been
      created, and just as many revisions have been committed to existing
      data. This was a large and important data influx to VSX, as I'm sure
      you'll see from looking at the list. And there's more to come.

      In addition, the interface for Detail Sheets has been updated to
      provide clickable links for almost all of the literature references,
      including the expansion of those references embedded by code into the
      original remarks released with the GCVS.

      It was determined that, in some cases, submitters of data to VSX were
      not well-versed on the guidelines (and for certain things, the
      requirements) for correctly submitting new variables and revisions to
      VSX, and that VSX was a little lax in making those guidelines -- as
      well as the details of the inward and outward workings of the system
      -- perfectly clear. So a new page was written that fairly well spells
      everything out, and this text has been made available from the
      "Guidelines" link found in the footer of every VSX page. Because it
      is important that all VSX users are made aware of this vital
      information, the page is also automatically displayed the first time
      the Submit area of the site is accessed by any logged-in user. This
      is a one-time only notice. Once the user indicates that this page has
      been read (by clicking a button), he/she is tagged as having done so,
      and the page no longer appears automatically when submitting new data
      to VSX. It's quick, painless (and a darn good read, actually), and
      only happens once.

      Among the other recent changes, fixes, enhancements to VSX are:

      - All of the VSX source code has been moved from CVSDude to a
      Subversion repository hosted at the AAVSO headquarters
      - Magnitude bandpass abbreviations now stored in database encoded (#362)
      - The error when adding a new reference has been fixed (#363)
      - The error that was preventing new stars from being submitted was fixed (#364)
      - Title and Description fields on the Supporting Documentation page of
      the New Star Wizard are now repopulated with the text typed into them
      when advancing from the page and then returning (#365)
      - The "Spot Check" link on the New Star Form and on the Coordinates
      step of the New Star Wizard now searches the currently pending
      submissions for position matches, as well as the public tables (#368,
      - All floating-point value displays for which precision is stored
      along with the values (magnitudes, periods, epochs, etc.) now display
      a simple integral value when precision is zero or unspecified
      - The New User Registration form has had several security measures
      implemented to reduce or eliminate malicious bots posting to the form

      And now, a full detailing of the recent imports of data...

      Dwarf novae in the Hamburg quasar survey: rarer than expected.
      [5 new CVs]

      RR Lyrae variables in a new galactic bulge window.
      [Periods and epochs for 61 objects]

      The QUEST RR Lyrae survey. I. The first catalog.
      [498 new RR Lyrae stars]

      New variables in the sloan digital sky survey calibration fields.
      [1,602 FASTT variables]

      [Discoverer added for 300 novae]

      The Hipparcos Catalogue.
      [Period, epoch (when available) and spectral type added]

      IBVS 5401-5700
      [466 new variables and 908 revisions]

      RR Lyrae variable stars in the CCD/transit instrument survey.
      [Periods and epochs for 61 variables]

      Catalog of fundamental-mode RR Lyrae stars in the Galactic Bulge from
      the Optical Gravitational Lensing Experiment.
      [1,888 bulge RR stars]

      The Optical Gravitational Lensing Experiment. Population II Cepheids
      in the Galactic Bulge.
      [53 bulge Cepheids]

      Identification of new eruptive cataclysmic variables toward the
      Galactic Bulge and Magellanic Clouds using the OGLE-II database.
      [60 mostly bulge CV's]

      A catalogue of RR Lyrae stars from the Northern Sky Variability Survey.
      [200 new RR stars and 249 updates]

      Analysis of RR Lyrae stars in the northern sky variability survey.
      [473 new RR Lyrae variables]

      Lick northern proper motion program. III. Lick NPM2 catalog.
      [1,035 position improvements and 17 spectral types for NSV stars]

      [573 NSVS "unspecified" slow variables]

      Stellar variability in a survey of field stars.
      [222 variables]

      Observation of periodic variable stars towards the Galactic spiral
      arms by EROS. II.
      [1,361 variables]

      [280 variables from STARE]

      [200 variables from Vello Tabur]

      RR Lyrae variables in a galactic bulge window.
      [Periods and epochs for 121 objects]

      [79 new variables and 26 revisions from Klaus Bernhard]

      New light elements for 100 variable stars.
      [100 revisions]

      [26 objects from Ondrej Pejcha]

      CCD photometry of candidate RR Lyrae stars in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey.
      [69 objects]

      Results from the Wide Angle Search for Planets Prototype (WASP0) - II.
      Stellar variability in the Pegasus field.
      [75 new variables]

      [291 new objects and 17 revisions from PZP issues until vol. 7, N7]

      General Catalogue of Stellar Spectral Classifications.
      [7,000+ spectral types and improved positions (Nov 2006 version of data)]

      Solutions for 10,000 eclipsing binaries in the bulge fields of OGLE II
      using DEBiL.
      [8,445 new objects]

      The TAROT suspected variable star catalog.
      [1,139 new objects, plue extra cross-ids]

      New periodic variable stars coincident with ROSAT sources discovered
      using SuperWASP.
      [285 new objects, plus extra cross-ids and revisions]

      The GALEX ultraviolet variability catalog.
      [62 new objects, plus extra cross-ids]

      Peremennye Zvezdy 27, 2
      Variable Stars in NSVS Database I. 86 New Variables in Andromeda.
      [86 new objects, plus extra cross-ids/revisions]

      That's all for now. We continue to work to make VSX better and
      better. If you have any suggestions or comment, please contact me at
      vsx@... or skygeex@....

      Christopher Watson
      Principal Architect, VSX