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367Re: [vsx-dis] Re: VSX stats

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  • Christopher Watson
    Jan 21, 2007
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      Hi John,

      Patrick Wils and I are trying to put some time into it. I'm in the
      middle of generating a new list of all submissions to VSX. No ETA.

      I've already talked to Francois Ochsenbein about it, and he's prepared.


      On 1/21/07, duble.stars <duble.stars@...> wrote:
      >> They're all going to be published in JAAVSO soon, though, with an
      >> electronic version of the list available. That's the plan, anyway.
      > ETA?
      > Don't forget CDS/VizieR only trawl the mainstream rags, so don't
      > forget to proffer the e-version to vizier/cds team else it'll likely
      > never get there, which'd negate t'point etc...
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