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237Re: [vsx-dis] MISAO

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  • Sebastian Otero
    Sep 1, 2006
      >> BUT - would this be a sensible use of observing time? Would these go
      >> into VSX as Nicholson 1 to Nicholson 50 <grin>?
      > They would be entered as VSX Jhhmmss.s+ddmmss
      > If you published them elsewhere, then there would be a cross-id to
      > Nicholson xx if that is how you listed them in the other paper, or
      > to NSVS xxxx if that is how they are indexed.

      Actually if the observations are for Misao (or any other known) variables
      they will enter VSX as revisions of the already existing stars so if they
      already have a designation I don't see why a new name should be added just
      for personal glory satisfaction...
      If every variable star researcher had that purpose in mind when it is
      analysing a new or unsolved variable, the nomenclature would be chaotic.

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