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  • martin_piers_nicholson
    Sep 1, 2006
      I have looked at the first 10 entires in the MISAO database of "new
      variable stars"


      Using VSX seems to show that 8 are known GCVS variables
      (#1,2,3,4,5,6,8 and 10)

      #7 only has seven data points on three days does also link to NSVS
      #9 only has six data points on three days but does also link to NSVS

      I don't really see that the MISAO data adds much to the debate.
      Should these just appear in VSX named as GCVS or NSVS variables
      rather than MISAO variables?

      As people probably know I do most of my observing using remote
      facilities in New Mexico. It would be simple to write a script that
      would take weekly V band images of say 50 NSVS variables (or indeed
      50 MISAO variables) every week for a few months.

      BUT - would this be a sensible use of observing time? Would these go
      into VSX as Nicholson 1 to Nicholson 50 <grin>?
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