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1Welcome to VSX-DIS

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  • skygxproject
    May 12, 2006
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      This group is here primarily to host the more technically-oriented
      discussions regarding The International Variable Star Index (VSX) web
      site and database tools at http://www.aavso.org/vsx/.

      The VSX administrators will also use this group to make important
      announcements, like system down-times, major bug notices (and their
      rapid fixes!), new feature implementations, etc.

      Suggestions for possible improvements, opinions related to the data
      that VSX holds (or how it handles them), questions about how to best
      use the VSX web site, or just about any VSX-related talk that isn't
      suited well for the general AAVSO Discussion list...post it here!

      If you think that possibly you've experienced a bug in the VSX
      software, this is a great place to discuss it before heading off to
      AAVSO Bugzilla to report it.

      Thanks for your interest in VSX!


      Christopher Watson
      Principal Architect, VSX