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163GCVS mistakes and multiple entries

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  • Sebastian Otero
    Jul 2, 2006
      When a star is in VSX only once with its GCVS data, we can revise it and the new elements appear updated in the detail sheet. Thus a wrong classification in the GCVS is fixed or improved.
      When two entries from different catalogues are present for a star, how do we know which one to choose?
      V803 and V504 Cen are two stars wrongly classified as RCB in the GCVS.
      There is a Downes entry for each of these CVs, but the GCVS data is wrong and still there.
      I think we should follow the same way as with the single entry stars and revise the GCVS data so the mistake is no longer there.
      Most of the GCVS stars wrongly classified will have other entries (ASAS, NSVS) so the mistakes could be there forever causing confussion.
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