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RE: [vsnetaddin] Problems with users who havn't installed all com ponents

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  • Quintero Vivar, Carlos Javier
    Hi Phil, I would use approach #1. I would avoid approaches #2 and #3. Since all accesses to a code model start with a call to ProjectItem.FileCodeModel or
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 1, 2005
      Hi Phil,

      I would use approach #1. I would avoid approaches #2 and #3.

      Since all accesses to a code model start with a call to
      ProjectItem.FileCodeModel or Project.CodeModel (and I suppose that similarly
      with VCCodeModel) so can make some function helpers that try to retrieve the
      code model, catch the exception if any and returns the code model or null.
      Then, make all your code to call those helper functions. It can take some
      time but it will make the add-in more defensive (robust is a better
      possitive word). I suppose you will need also dual procedures (one for
      CodeModel objects and other for VCCodeModel objects). If you are in a hurry
      you can supply Microsoft.VisualStudio.VCCodeModel dll separately (assuming
      that it is redistributable, which I am not sure of) to the user lacking it
      and then start with the approach #1.

      Best regards,

      Carlos J. Quintero

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      > all components
      > Hi,
      > the installation of my Add-In assumes that Visual Studio and
      > all associated
      > components are installed, so I don't need to include these
      > components in my
      > package.
      > However, one of my users has a very basic VB.NET-only
      > installation, where
      > some components appear to be missing.
      > Specifically, the component
      > Microsoft.VisualStudio.VCCodeModel appears to be
      > missing. If he deselected everything to do with C++ during
      > the installation,
      > then this is probably a legitimate situation.
      > My Add-In uses appropriate types, e.g. CodeClass or
      > VCCodeClass, according
      > to the project type, but it may refer to both within the same
      > procedure.
      > The effect in my Add-In is, that when it tries to enter a
      > procedure using
      > VCCodeClass, then a System.IO.FileNotFoundException is
      > thrown, presumably by
      > the JIT compiler.
      > Has anybody else had this problem?
      > The following solutions occur to me:
      > 1. Very defensive programming.
      > Place all references to VCCodeModel in separate procedures
      > and catch the
      > exception. This would surely get messy.
      > 2. Distribute Microsoft.VisualStudio.VCCodeModel with my Add-In.
      > I am very reluctant to start distributing VS components with
      > my Add-In.
      > 3. Use late binding.
      > I'm not happy with any of these. Does anybody have a better solution?
      > Phil
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