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Mobile Notary Devices like Smartphones

With the advent of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, trying to find a notary public online has never been easier. And with that, many notaries
Jun 29, 2012

best ideas for transition from dictatorship assembled

Transition to Better Democracy Suggestion for Egypt 2011 (the core of the ideas may also be applied to Libya, Saudi, Sudan, Tunisia, UAE, Algeria, Bahrain,
profound insight
Feb 20, 2011
K. M.
Feb 12, 2011

Transition to Democracy

Dear Friend This is to invite your country to participate in a discussion group in which we aim to come (together with your help) to a commonly agreed best
Aug 20, 2008

The best democratisation plan for Myanmar & all every yet (?)

PLEASE give this a read! Sometimes, rarely but eventfully, a new idea or proposal comes along that makes a difference, that truly solves all the problems in a
    K. M.
    Oct 21, 2007
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    Mar 8, 2007
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