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6Mobile Notary Devices like Smartphones

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  • jhseo36
    Jun 29, 2012

      With the advent of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, trying to find a notary public online has never been easier. And with that, many notaries public have now taken their local notary services onto the Internet to establish their presence online. It is then safe to say that online notary services have brought notarization to the next level, including notary directories, notary classes, certificates and more all online. 

      In the past, having a document notarized involved looking for a notary public in your area, either by searching in a phone directory or asking around. The Internet has changed the landscape so much in the notarization world as it gave notaries an easier way to be found. With online notary services, you now have more resources to market themselves as compared to before without the online option. 

      If you're a notary public and haven't taken your services online, now is the time to do that. First, you have to lists your notary business for free on notary directory site like Find Notary. Then, you can start making your business known by doing some Facebook marketing, Google Plus marketing, or starting a notary blog.

      Aside from the usual paper-based notarization, electronic notarization or enotarization is another online notary service that people can now offer. Also, Virginia notaries will soon be able to operate as an online notary with people around the entire United States.

      For individuals who are acquiring online notary services from notaries public, it is important to check first if the notary is indeed commissioned in your State. One way of doing some background check is to search our directory of notaries public for reviews or call your Secretary of State's Office.

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