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  • Neil Schumann
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      > Dear Auxlinguists,
      > I thought some of you might get a little amusement out of a bizarre
      > item I just read tonight on another list, featuring Volapuk in a
      > crackpot 19th century French conspiracy theory about Freemasons as
      > Satanists!
      > One of the members of a Fortean (strange phenomena) list forwarded
      > excerpt from an anti-Masonic book by the 19th century French
      hoaxer Leon
      > Taxil, describing an alleged underground English Masonic poison
      > under Gibraltar manned by convicts communicating in Volapuk!
      > yarn about the underground English Masonic poison factory under
      the Rock
      > of Gibraltar reminds me of modern allegations by UFO-oriented
      > conspiracy theorists of vast underground bases at Dulce NM and
      > manned by space aliens in cahoots with the U.S.
      > military! Leon Taxil was a 19th century French Masonic hoaxer who
      > hoaxed--and for a while actually deceived--French right-wing
      > and monarchists by writing a series of books luridly describing the
      > Satanic rites of French Freemasons who worshipped Lucifer in the
      > of "Baphomet" (i.e., the Muslim prophet Muhammad) and regularly
      > materialized demons at their seances! Then, just like Allan Sokal
      > gleefully exposing his own 1996 _Social Text_ anti-postmodernist
      > Taxil confessed his hoaxes, gleefully gloating over the
      gullibility of
      > his French conservative Catholic readers who'd taken his
      > wholly mythical "revelations" for gospel truth!
      > No doubt, I would venture, that English Masonic poison
      > under Gibraltar has been taken over by the U.S. military, where
      > Presley and Jimmy Hoffa, given plastic surgery and advanced
      > engineeerring educations at U.S. taxpayer expense. supervise a work
      > force of space aliens building weapons systems for the US military
      > use in the Middle East against modern disciples of "Baphomet" led
      > Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein! :=)
      > Ducking and running,
      > T. Peter <tpeterpark@...>
      > Garden City South, L.I., N.Y., USA
      > Subject: [forteana] Volapuk
      > Date: Sun, 28 Mar 2004 18:05:03 -0800 (PST)
      > From: Brian Chapman <wt046@...>
      > Reply-To: forteana@yahoogroups.com
      > To: "forteana@egroups" <forteana@yahoogroups.com>
      > For fans of artificial languages, here's an account of how Volapuk
      > put to use, according to Waite's summary of Leo Taxil's hoax book,
      > Devil in the Nineteenth Century*.
      > A. E. Waite, *Devil-Worship in France, with Diana Vaughan and the
      > Question of Modern Palladism*. Boston and New York: Weiser Books,
      > [1896], pp. 100-103.
      > Since the British braggart began to embattle Gibraltar, having
      > it from Catholic Spain, a wind of desolation breathes over the
      > country. An inscrutable providence, of which our witness is the
      > mouthpiece, has elected to set apart this rock in order that the
      > and the English, who, he says, are a pair, may continue their work
      > protestantising and filling the world with malefice. To sum the
      > matter, the Britisher is an odious usurper "who has always got one
      > open." Now, having regard to the fact that out of every tribe and
      > and people and nation a proportion to be numbered by millions is
      > over to devil-worship and Masonry, and that consequently there is
      > enormous demand for Baphomets and other idols, for innumerable
      > instruments of black Magic, and for poisons to exterminate
      enemies, it
      > is obviously needful that there should be a secret central
      > for the working of woods and metals and for Transcendental
      > To Charleston the dogmatic directory, to Gibraltar the universal
      > factory.
      > [...]
      > Now the great historic rock is tunnelled by innumerable caverns,
      > our deponent witnesses, have never been explored by the tourist,
      and in
      > the most impracticable portions of the great subterranean maze,
      > whosoever has the audacity to penetrate will discover for himself
      > existence of the industrial department of diabolism, but he must
      > expect to come back unless he be a Sovereign Grand Master *ad
      > and an initiate of Lucifer. The doctor has explored these caverns,
      > seen the factory in full working order, has exhaustively described
      > way in, has returned from the gulf like Dante, and has given away
      > whole mystery. Possessed of his key to the labyrinth, the
      wayfaring man
      > shall not err therein, and it will, no doubt, be a new curiosity
      for the
      > more daring among Cook's tourists. The workshops are supplied with
      > mechanics by simple expedient; hopeless specimens of English
      > malefactors, condemned to penal servitude for the term of their
      > life, are relegated to this region, a kind of grim humour
      > the selection. The most hideous convicts are chosen, and those most
      > corresponding in outward appearance to the favourite devils of the
      > hierarchy, under whose names they pass in the workshops, where they
      > commonly communicate with each other in the language of Volapuk.
      > reason given is that this language has been adopted by the Spoeic
      > which I confess that I had not heard of previously, but I venture
      > think that the doctor has concealed the true reason, and that
      > has been thus chosen because it is a diabolical invention; a
      > universal language prevailed previously to the confusion of Babel,
      > the new language is an irreligious attempt to produce *ordo ab
      chao* by
      > a return to unity of speech.
      > The Toxicological Department is worked by a higher class of
      > as for example, absconding trustees, who are there comfortably
      > in life, enjoying many modern conveniences. It produces poisons
      > usually cause death by cerebral hemorrhage; but each has its
      > antidote, possessed of which the initiated poisoner can eat and
      > with his victim; on this subject the doctor pursues, however, a
      > of masterly reticence. But such, in brief, is the deep mystery of
      > Gibraltar, such is the Toxicological department of universal
      > Freemasonry.
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