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Re: [volapuk] Älis in Milaglän

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  • Michael Everson
    Dear Ralph, ... Certainly. ... Splendid! ... That s quite reasonable. You ve been giving your dictionary files away for years anyway. ... Well that s odd. The
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 10, 2010
      Dear Ralph,

      On 10 Aug 2010, at 16:37, Ralph Midgley wrote:

      > Again, many thanks for your letter, which answers the questions I asked.


      > I do agree with you that Volapük should have its own „Alice” translation.


      > However, after having read your copyright clause, I am not too sure. Please let me explain. Some years ago, someone wanted to publish my Volapük-English-Volapük Dictionary, which would have carried with it a very severe copyright clause. I declined this, because I wanted the dictionary to be generally available to everyone, for whom it is intended.

      That's quite reasonable. You've been giving your dictionary files away for years anyway.

      > Under the terms of this particular copyright, the dictionary would have become someone
      > else's property, and could not have been used everywhere by everyone in the sense that it now is.

      Well that's odd. The copyright to the text of your dictionary is yours. Nothing I could do would not change that.

      > Under the terms of your copyright, would the new „Alice” translation be freely available to those who wanted to include it on their web-site?

      Well, since I'm not going to be doing the translation, I wouldn't be able to stipulate otherwise. Copyright would rest with the people who worked on the translation.

      > Sorry for bringing up all these stumbling blocks, but it is best to get
      > everything sorted out to start with.

      Take my Esperanto edition. The text is now in the public domain. It is on the Gutenberg site, for instance. The pictures are also in the public domain. I hold a copyright on the specific typeset arrangement I have made in my edition. That's what "Ĉi tiu eldono © 2009 Michael Everson" means. It means nobody should go and photocopy a printed copy of my book and re-issue it as a book or PDF with the same format. The formatting is the "value added" which I would have a copyright on. But this would not prevent the copyright holder of the text from putting the text on the web if they wanted to.

      Michael Everson * http://www.evertype.com/
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