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Re: A question about Volapuk

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  • Ralph Midgley
    Re: A question about VolapukMany thanks for your further letter and photocopies of Mr Post s Volapük Course. I do believe that I can help you in this regard,
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      Re: A question about Volapuk
      Many thanks for your further letter and photocopies of Mr Post's Volapük Course.  I do believe that I can help you in this regard, as we have an excellent website with over a hundred members.   I will post your communication there.   Perhaps someone will know something.
      I am also sending a copy to Brian R. Bishop, who is the Cifal (pr. Chee-fal) of the movement in direct succession to Johann Martin Schleyer, a German priest who was the author of the language.  It is possible that he may be able to help.   I am sure he will be in contact with you anyway, because this is a most interesting case.
      Should any information be forthcoming from the website, I will contact you at once.
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      Subject: RE: A question about Volapuk

      Thanks for the reply.  I have attached the PDF of the book he wrote, or at least we think he wrote..I am not sure how common his name was in the 1890's.  Are you part of a group of people that speak Volapuk, or practice speaking it?  If so, could you ask within your group?  Alfred Augustus Post was a relative of mine and it would help to complete the puzzle if I knew it was he that wrote the book.  And then my next question would be, how it was that he learned of Volapuk?
      Kathy Oborn
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      From: Ralph Midgley [mailto:midgleyr@...]
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      Subject: Re: A question about Volapuk

      Dear Kathy,

          Sorry, never even heard of this gentleman!


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      Subject: A question about Volapuk

      I was researching one of my relatives and I found that he, Alfred A. Post,
      wrote a book called Volapuk in 1890.  My question is, do you know anything
      about an Alfred A. Post?  I just want to make sure it is my Alfred A. Post.
      Kathy Oborn
      Pierce College

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