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  • Jay Bowks
    The Volapük Page www.visi.com/~dean/volapuk.html The Volapük Page Click here to see a version of this page in Volapük! This page will attempt to give
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      ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) The Volapük Page Click here to see a version of this page in Volapük! This page will attempt to give information about the international language Volapük. (I won't describe the history of Volapük much, as there is an excellent web page on the..

      Handbook of Volapük

      ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) THE INTERNATIONAL LANGUAGE HAND-BOOK OF V O L A P Ü K BY CHARLES E. SPRAGUE Member of the Academy of Volapük -- President of the Institute of Accounts NEW YORK: THE OFFICE COMPANY, LONDON: TRÜBNER & CO. CHICAGO: S. R. WINCHELL & CO. 1888 COPYRIGHT, 1887

      Re: Volapük (J. M. Schleyer) 1880

      ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Volapük (J. M. Schleyer) 1880 O Fat obas, kel binol in süls, paisaludomöz nem ola! Kömomöd monargän ola! Jenomöz vil olik, äs in sül, i su tal. Bodi obsik vädeliki givolös obes adelo. E pardolös obes debis obsik, äs id obs aipardobs


      4.4. La planlingvistika periodo - de Volapük ghis e ...

      ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) La planlingvistika periodo - de Volapük ghis estanteco En la novepoka lingvosituacio komencis nova periodo en 1879 kun la praktika uzo de Volapùk. Ghi estis la unua planlingvo, kiu havis konsiderinde grandan kvanton da uzantoj, ekestis do nova tipo de

      Conlang Directory: Historical

      ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Conlang Directory: Historical Degaspregos "based lexically on PIE though with a mostly agglutinating structure" [Tom Wier]Volapük A brief introduction to Volapük grammar, in Esperanto and in Volapük. There's also some other stuff, perhaps some..

      The Grammar of Volapük

      ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) The Grammar of Volapük What I will describe here is some of the grammar of Volapük, as described in the books on the language in my possession (Hand-Book of Volapük, by Charles E. Sprague, Dictionary of Volapük, by M. W. Wood, M.D., and Comprehensive

      AIL - Volapük

      ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) AN INTERNATIONAL LANGUAGE Volapük J. M. Schleyer brought out his Volapük in 1880, and towards the end of the eighties his adherents numbered hundreds of thousands; great congresses were held, and books and periodicals appeared in the new language in great

      La lingua perfetta (Ottocento)

      ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Il VolapüK Inventato nel 1879 da Johan Martin Schleyer, come strumento per la fratellanza dei popoli, il Volapük si diffonde presto dalla Germania in tutto il mondo: nel 1889 si contano ben 283 associazioni per la divulgazione di tale lingua. Ma la


      ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Unuopaj lingvoj Ceqli, surbaze (kaj simpligita) de Loglan Jen la oficiala Glosa paøo de Robin GASKELL Øenerala enkonduko al Ido de James Chandler Traduko, en Esperanto, fare de Byrial Ole Jensen, de æerpa¼oj el En Sprogmands Levned (aýtobiografio de Otto Jespersen, korifeo de Ido)

      How to Build a Language

      ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Copyright Notice Harlow. Hard copies may be made for personal use only. Any user may make one electronic copy for personal use only. All copies must contain this copyright notice, including the date given below.

      Constructed Languages

      ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Here are some links to other constructed languages. As a list it is reasonably complete, but I will gradually add some commentary or explanation for each of the languages listed.


      ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) A look at various constructed languages, with dictionaries and grammatical notes.

      Rapprochement forcé. Des langues opposées sont réunies.

      ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) La Clé Index Circonstances Opérandes Mode d'emploi Exemples Genres littéraires Opérations Rapprochement forcé. Des langues opposées sont réunies. PÉRÉGRINISME FAUX AMI MOT HYBRIDE CROISEMENT DE LANGUES ESPERANTO VOLAPüK Un mot étranger est-il..

      Conversational Maxims and Principles of Language Pl ...

      ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) In order to function well, a language must be such that it allows a well behaved conversation, but many possess features incompatible with this principle.

      La Lilandejo

      ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Frontpagxo de Liland Brajant Ros' - Informoj pri multaj temoj (ekz-e Seatlo, AA, Baptismo, Usona Literaturo) en diversaj lingvoj (cxefe Esperanto) / Leland Bryant Ross's Front Page - Information on many topics (eg Seattle, AA, Baptist Christianity, US Literature) in various languages (chiefly Esperanto)

      Language Codes

      ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Mark Davis First version Mark Davis Updates based on feedback from Michael Everson Mark Davis Updates from K.D. Chang (Microsoft) The following is a draft list of language code correspondences between ISO codes, Microsoft codes, and Macintosh codes. (USMARC language and country codes are not included in this list).

      Interlinguistics and the Internet

      ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Mark Fettes Department of Theory and Policy Studies in Education University of Toronto Klaus Schubert, on the basis of a thorough review of the literature, has concluded that "interlinguistics according to the by far most accepted definition is concerned with planned languages" (1989a: 18).


      ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Priskribo de kurso pri interlingvistiko c'e la Stokholma universitato

      Wonderful Life * I Love You

      ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) I love you in various languages


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