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  • Hermann Philipps
    Nov 8, 2013
      This relates to matters Volapükik, only.
      I have limited my Facebook activities to Volapük, Interlingua and Ido,
      The Yahoo group, unfortunately, has become an almost useless nuisance
      with its new 'neo' design.
      The Facebook Volapük group, on the other hand, does not has any
      difficulties whatsoever with umlauts and other strange characters. It
      is very much better organized, and there are lots of activities with
      highly motivated young people interested in and even now learning
      Volapük. The 'Files' section includes an increasing number of
      documents (some of which got lost in the Yahoo Volapük group due to
      its inability to handle umlauts).

      It's up to you, of course. All I can say, however, is that Volapük now
      happens at Facebook, even if some of us may not like it. The NSA will
      be forced to learn Volapük, too. :))

      Glidis ladöfik sedom,
      Hermann, vicifal

      Am 08.11.2013 18:52, schrieb Arden R. Smith:
      > Re Facebook: I have enough distractions hindering my progress on
      > things I should be doing. I have no desire to allow that very
      > effective productivity-destroying device to worm its way into my life.
      > Arden
      > On Nov 8, 2013, at 8:42 AM, <hphilipps@...
      > <mailto:hphilipps@...>> <hphilipps@...
      > <mailto:hphilipps@...>> wrote:
      >> I meant "Yahoo groups".
      >> With regard to personal details etc. Yahoo groups are no better, most
      >> likely.
      >> Yahoo, Google and Facebook are cooperating nicely, and you actually do
      >> not need to divulge any private details when registering at Facebook.
      >> I suppose that Yahoo intend to make Yahoo groups unattractive with the
      >> purpose of close them down at some time.
      >> It is now impossible to access any files or folders with names
      >> including umlauts.
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