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NYU monthly-vegan, weekly-vegetarian nights

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  • Pamela Rice
    Text below, from the Dining at New York University Web page: http://www.campusdish.com/en-US/eCampus1/NYU/VegetarianVegan/ Monthly calendar download at:
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 6, 2006
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      Text below, from the "Dining at New York University" Web page:

      Monthly calendar download at:
      [Suggestion: Make a bookmark to check monthly throughout the school
      year. NOTE::: Seafood Fridays (Rubin) could, for VVS vegetarian
      activists, be an excellent venue for outreach. Call the Veggie
      Center, 212-242-0011, if you are interested.]


      Veggies Are EVERYWHERE!!! [their headline]

      Come visit us at any one of our many locations and you will find an
      abundance of Vegetarian and Vegan items. NYU Dining Services strives
      to supply numerous nutritious selections and ingredients to ensure a
      well balanced complete diet for everyone, [their wording: note the
      insinuation that with a veg*n diet it is difficult to obtain balance
      and adequate nutrition] including our large non-meat eating
      community! We have also partnered with the NYU Vegan Seal group.
      Look for their logo in our locations highlighting Vegan approved

      Weekly Vegetarian Night

      Join us every Wednesday evening for dinner at Hayden for a superb
      evening highlighting great and creative vegetarian recipes and

      Monthly All Vegan Meal

      Each month we host an all vegan meal at Hayden Dining Room. This
      meal offers all vegan entrees, sides and desserts and is
      all-you-care-to-eat. Menus change each month so check back 1 week
      prior to the event for our menu. The price is one "meal swipe" for
      NYU meal plan members for students and faculty or $8.95. This dinner
      is open to the NYU community and outside neighborhood. Doors open at

      Hayden Dining Room is located at
      33 Washington Square Park West

      Do You Have Special Dietary Needs?

      Just speak to one of our food service directors and your meal will be
      prepared according to your request. You may also consult with our
      on-staff registered dietitian. To make an appointment to discuss
      nutritional health or special needs please call:

      Miriam Fatouhinia
      Primary Care Services
      NYU University Health Center

      726 Broadway, 4th Floor
      New York, NY 10003-9580
      For appointments call 212-443-1234
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