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February 19 ||||| VivaVegie's news, events, alerts

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  • Pamela Rice
    VivaVegie s news, events, alerts Table of Contents: - Launch of Lantern Books Reading Club - NYC Vegetarian Meetup Group - NYC Vegetarians are the people to
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 19, 2005
      VivaVegie's news, events, alerts

      Table of Contents:

      - Launch of Lantern Books Reading Club
      - NYC Vegetarian Meetup Group
      - NYC Vegetarians are the people to know
      - Check out GoVeganRadio.com
      - Carol Adams to speak in NYC in March
      - Where do you find the best Vegetarian News?
      - Meatout Mondays for scrumptious veggies
      - Correspondence: Do I need to become vegan?

      [VivaVegie is still seeking an E-letter editor for this, our Yahoo!
      Groups list. If you are interested, please contact Pamela at


      Launch of Lantern Books Reading Club

      Jean Thaler, who once ran Big Apple Vegetarians for six years, is
      starting a book club which will feature titles from the Lantern Books
      collection, and occasional appearances by the authors. The group will
      meet quarterly at the Lantern Books office in Union Square, New York

      "My purpose in starting this reading club is to have a forum for
      informed, participatory discussion on animal rights, vegetarianism,
      and environmentalism. I like to support this unique publisher of
      titles on these topics, as well as the authors," Jean asserts.

      Active participation by the readers will be expected. The moderator
      will alternate among Jean, the readers, and the editors. Sessions
      will be free of charge, and water and munchies will be provided.

      Date of first session, to be announced. Contact Jean at: jeanthaler@...


      NYC Vegetarian Meetup Group

      Upcoming Group Events

      New York City Vegetarian March Meetup
      Wednesday, Mar 9, 7:00 PM

      Veggie mid-month meetup: Spicy Indian night
      Tuesday, Mar 22, 7:00 PM

      The New York City Vegetarian April Meetup
      Wednesday, Apr 13, 7:00 PM

      Organizer: Ivy

      Location: New York, NY
      Members: 543 Vegetarians
      Rating: 96% positive

      Description: Sharing community, info and experiences and eating in
      vegetarian restaurants.All eating lifestyles are welcome to join us.
      For those who are curious we welcome you and if we can help inform
      you then join us. Vegetarians are open,peaceful people. More about
      this groupS<caron>

      Their next event is Tuesday, February 22, 7:00 PM. Find out where!


      NYC Vegetarians

      For social outings in the New York metropolitan area, the people to
      get to know are NYC Vegetarians. The thing to do is to get on Celia
      Harary's E-list. You'll not only learn about NYC Vegetarians events,
      but many other events of interest to vegans and vegetarians.



      Have you heard of GoVeganRadio.com ? If not you're missing out on
      some great radio and a very informed and entertaining host...

      "GO VEGAN with BOB LINDEN"...The planet's first and only commercial
      vegan radio show!

      Each new show is made available Sunday afternoon with more archived
      programs being added regularly!

      Recent guests on Go Vegan include Ingrid Newkirk and Paul Watson.

      Archives: http://goveganradio.com/veg/1003/Listen_to_Past_Shows.htm


      Carol Adams to speak in March

      Mar. 7 & Mar. 9: Carol Adams

      Sexual Politics of Meat author Carol Adams is coming to New York City
      in March. Don't miss her incredible Sexual Politics of Meat slide

      Co-sponsored by Students for Education on Animal Liberation (SEAL) of NYU

      Monday, March 7, 7:00 p.m., New York University, Vanderbilt Hall, 40
      Wash. Sq. So., Room 204.

      Also MooShoes, March 9th. 7:30 152 Allen Street, LES.


      Where do you find the best Yahoo! Group for Vegetarian News?

      Vegetarian News of the International Vegetarian Union

      Don't miss out another moment. Sign up today...


      Meatout Mondays for scrumptious veggie food and recipes

      For your meat-eating friends, direct them to Meatout Mondays. A
      fabulous treasure trove of food, recipes, and inspiration. This is of
      course a great resource for you, too, you died-in-the-synthetic-wool
      vegan, you...


      VivaVegie's Pamela Rice featured on January 31.




      VivaVegie recently received the following letter:

      Hello there, I have been a vegetarian for many years but never made
      the cross over to becoming a vegan. After reading the information
      concerning the Animal Welfare Act excluding farm animals I became
      quite concerned...Are animals used for their byproducts just as
      mistreated? Thanks so much, Anna

      VivaVegie answered:

      Not in all cases, of course, Anna...

      But, yes, cows often do not live long happy lives.

      Most hens live terrible abysmal lives.

      Animals raised for leather may be treated better to preserve their
      hides. Then again, leather is not a byproduct in many cases.

      All types of animal agriculture are plagued with sporadic mortalies.

      The chicken industry assumes 10 percent mortality from disease and
      spontaneous death due to high-growth genetics. The carcasses are
      rendered into every kind of consumer product, from gelatin, to
      pharmaceuticals, to household cleaners, to glues, to solvents, to
      asphalt.... the list goes on and on.

      Assume a lot of suffering all along the way.

      Soybeans are replacing the cow in many cases; this is a good trend.
      However, with so much slaughterhouse waste, industry tends to go
      where plenty makes cheap.

      If you plan to adopt the vegan lifestyle, be sure to take 2000
      micrograms of vitamin B12 every week and 2 tablespoons of ground flax
      seed every day.

      Other than that, eat at least 2-1/2 cups of fresh fruits and veg.
      every day - better yet, make that 4-1/2 cups a day. Eat whole grains
      primarily (exclusively, even better). Eat beans for other important

      - VivaVegie

      VivaVegie is looking for a person to volunteer to take the time to
      regularly answer questions like this one. Candidates for the job
      would have to demonstrate their qualifications to perform the task.
      Please inquire if you feel you are knowlegeable with at least one
      aspect of vegetarianism: For instance the health or the environmental
      issues associated with vegetarianism. Reply to this E-male or key in:
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