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July 16 ||||| VivaVegie's news, events, alerts

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    http://www.vivavegie.org TABLE OF CONTENTS - 7/16: Brooklyn Raw Food Potluck - 7/17: EarthSave Long Island Dinner/Lecture - 7/18: Boston Vegetarian Society
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      - 7/16: Brooklyn Raw Food Potluck
      - 7/17: EarthSave Long Island Dinner/Lecture
      - 7/18: Boston Vegetarian Society Vegan Dinner/Lecture on Toxins and
      Thyroid Hormones
      - Web Site Refuting Atkins Diet

      Brooklyn Raw Food Potluck
      Friday, July 16

      WHEN: Friday, July 16, 7:30-10:30pm
      WHERE: Park Slope Food Co-op, 782 Union Street, Brooklyn

      For travel directions visit:

      COST: $3.00 (to cover costs of organizing and running the potlucks)

      Your sociability, good cheer and friendliness, and a raw vegan dish to
      serve 6 or more.

      You can bring something fancy or simple. A simple offering could be a
      vegetable salad or some fruit. A well-stocked kitchen is on hand so you
      can do last-minute slicing when you arrive. A platter of sliced veggies,
      like tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers, radishes, squashes, etc., perhaps
      with some avocados or raw olives, is simple and filling. Nuts and seeds
      are easy and can be soaked for greater digestibility.


      EarthSave Long Island Potluck Dinner/Lecture
      Saturday, July 17

      WHEN: Saturday, July 17 (doors open 6:15pm; dinner 7pm; lecture 8pm)
      WHERE: Sweet Hollow Hall, Gwynne Road, Melville Long Island
      COST: $7.00 (general public), $4.00 (EarthSave members), additional
      $8.00 requested for those attending dinner portion of the meeting and
      not bringing food to share)

      Reservations required. To make a reservation, and for directions and
      other questions, call 631-421-3791 (Box#1) or send email to

      Raw Foodist and leading naturalist, David Jubb, PhD, will talk
      on "Live Foods for Healing, Rejuvenation, and a Sustainable Future:
      How Matter is Formed."

      -- A plant-based* dish to share with 6-10 hungry people
      -- Serving utensils for your plate
      -- Your own reusable plate, bowl, cup & utensils to eat with (to cut
      down on waste!)
      -- An index card with the ingredients used or recipe for your dish,
      with your name address and phone # on the back. (Maybe you'll make it
      into the ESLI recipe book!)

      *Please no eggs, dairy, honey, meat, poultry, seafood or any foods
      containing additives, coloring, hydrogenated oils, white sugar
      or "natural flavors." (A simple rule: If you don't know what an
      ingredient is, don't use it!)

      NOTE: Most soy cheeses contain casein, a dairy derivative used to
      make glue. Please, no casein. These exacting food guidelines enable
      the greatest number of people to choose from the greatest number of
      selections that are brought.

      ESLI Web site: http://li.earthsave.org

      EarthSave promotes food choices that are healthy for people and the
      planet. EarthSave educates, inspires and empowers people to shift
      toward a plant-based diet and to take compassionate action for all
      life on Earth.

      Boston Vegetarian Society Vegan Dinner/Lecture on Toxins and Thyroid
      Sunday, July 18

      WHEN: Sunday, July 18 (seminar, 4pm; dinner, 5-7pm)
      WHERE: Grasshopper (all-vegan restaurant), One North Beacon Street,
      Union Square, Allston, MA. For directions, call the BVS at 617-424-
      COST: $8.95 + tax (unlimited buffet)

      Dr. Devorah Feinbloom, D.C., will talk on "Where the Heck Are My
      Thyroid Hormones?" Dr. Feinbloom will also talk about the harmful
      affects of pesticides and other toxins, and how these can be
      eliminated from the body. Voted best female chiropractor in Boston by
      SELF magazine, Dr. Feinbloom has created and led many holistic
      workshops in the Boston area, and is currently leading the "Liver
      Purification Program."

      Web Site Refuting Atkins Diet

      Much has been written, both pro and con, about the very popular
      Atkins Diet. The web site below, launched in June of this year,
      refutes much of the purported benefits of this diet, reveals the
      short- and long-term effects of following Atkins, contains an
      extensive list of references and resources, and offers healthier
      alternatives to the diet.

      Many major health organizations and health authorities have gone on
      record stating that following the Atkins Diet is dangerous to one's
      health. For example, the American Dietic Association, as quoted in
      the web site, has been warning Americans about the potential hazards
      of the Atkins Diet for almost 30 years.

      This site is both informative and eye-opening.

      Dr. Michael Greger has lectured extensively on nutrition and food
      issues, such as Mad Cow Disease.


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