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Help Build Great Trails in McLaren Park -- July 22-24

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  • Ifitefire4u@aol.com
    FYI... * _Help Build Great Trails in McLaren Park -- July 22-24_ (mip://01d57478/default.html#130e79681a0f4b9f_130e66969e8431c4_group_thread_0) Once again
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 7, 2011

        Once again volunteers with the stewardship organization *V-O-CAL* (Volunteers
        for Outdoor California) will spend a weekend helping SF Recreation & Parks
        Department build and repair several different sections of the McLaren Park's
        trails, and we need your help! The McLaren Park Collaborative<http://www.facebook.com/pages/McLaren-Park-Collaborative/192171957482792> has
        been invited by V-O-CAL Executive Director Cathy Moyer to include the
        McLaren Park community and surrounding neighborhoods as much as possible,
        and to find various and creative ways to join in the volunteer efforts. This
        is a great opportunity to build community, have a lot of fun, get to know
        our park's natural areas, meet our neighbors, and involve new people in our
        ongoing efforts for the park.
        *Watch this video* <http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M67ZMCh_6W8> to see what
        SFRPD, V-O-CAL, and over 100 volunteers accomplished a couple of years ago
        in McLaren. The two major trails completed then (the new switchback up
        University Hill, and a nicely meandering upgrade to the south slope
        grasslands trail) now are among the more popular paths in the park. By
        general acclaim, these new trails are fantastic upgrades to McLaren’s
        network -- they have less than 10 percent grade, provide multiple options
        for short or long loop hikes, and reroute foot traffic away from
        high-erosion areas.
        In other words, we want to help them have a great event this year, and
        entice them back again next year, too! Sign up for all-day trail duty, or
        join us in camp for an hour or a day to help keep the whole operation
        running smoothly. On Saturday and Sunday breakfast and lunch are provided,
        and Saturday evening we will enjoy entertainment around the campfire and a
        scrumptious outdoor dinner.
        Much more information, including daily schedules, maps and photos of the
        proposed work, as well as many and varied options for participation can be
        found at *this*<https://docs.google.com/document/d/1OAAgTWF_eC12LCEkA_SP1V97Q0gKt4cTJo2-C7uJgL4/edit?hl=en_US&authkey=CPWxv_AL>
        * public GoogleDoc*<https://docs.google.com/document/d/1OAAgTWF_eC12LCEkA_SP1V97Q0gKt4cTJo2-C7uJgL4/edit?hl=en_US&authkey=CPWxv_AL>
        . You can edit it, leave notes, sign up or add ideas by just typing and
        using the word-processor controls in your browser window. This is an
        experiment in on-line collaboration, please do make use of it! If you'd
        rather get involved the old-fashioned way, please contact Ken McGary at
        ken@... or at 650-516-7657 (for questions about camp
        activity sign up) or Dan Schneider at info@... (for more
        information about trail duty). V-O-CAL questions should be directed to Cathy
        Moyer at cmoyer@... .
        There’s plenty to do for one and all, so find your calling and pitch in! See
        ya around the campfire...


        Kensanfran <kensanfran@...> Jun 30 11:35PM -0700 ^
        ALSO! You can camp overnight in McLaren Park -- a rare opportunity to camp
        out in the City, don't miss it!

      Help McLaren Park
      Facebook - Help McLaren Park

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