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Fwd: [theportola] help in the search for a missing SF boy

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  • Marlene Tran
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    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 24, 2013

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      From: Carlin <carlin.decato@...>
      Date: June 24, 2013, 8:41:42 AM PDT
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      Subject: [theportola] help in the search for a missing SF boy


      Sean has not yet been found.   Family needs assistance 

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      From: Kate Stoia <katestoia@...>
      Date: June 24, 2013, 8:17:51 AM PDT
      Subject: Hi parents -- please take a minute today to help in the search for a missing SF boy


      I'm sure many of you have been following the search for the 19-year old San Francisco boy missing since last month.  This is the family's website if you are not familiar with the case: http://www.seansidi.com/

      I attended the family's vigil/information meeting yesterday to see whether there was anything we could do to help -- something I hope my SF community of parents would do for me if I was ever in a similar situation and could not find my child.

      The family is desperately trying to do everything they can to find Sean.  They have asked the SFPD to take the case more seriously, something the SFPD has been reluctant to do so far (I think this is because Sean is over 18).  Sean had a recent head injury which has placed him at great risk of being out on his own and, if he is still alive, probably means that he is disoriented and unable to competently function.  The family has asked the SF community of parents to do the following:

      1) Call or email the SF Mayor and ask the Mayor's office to intercede with the SFPD and request that the FBI is brought in to help.  The FBI will not get involved unless SFPD requests their help and SFPD has so far refused to do so.

      Call: (415) 554-6141 (ask for Deputy Paul Henderson)

      Reference: SFPD Case # 130419573/Sean SIDI

      2) Call or email Attorney General Kamala Harris's office and ask the AG's office to intercede with SFPD to request FBI assistance.

      Call: (916) 445-9555

      Reference: SFPD Case # 130419573/Sean SIDI

      Please take a minute to do these 2 things this morning.  It was heartbreaking to watch these parents talk about the roadblocks they are hitting with the SFPD and their increasing desperation to find their son.  All parents in this city can be unified regarding the need to put every resource available behind the effort to make this city safe for our children and to act with haste and determination when one of them is in danger, as Sean Sidi is today.

      Please spread the word to your parent communities.



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