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Nov. 2012 Parks Bond Update - McLaren Park leads a good campaign

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    The main meeting with RPD and The Parks Alliance Group was last night and I made sure that the director of rec and park himself received a copy of all your
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      The main meeting with RPD and The Parks Alliance Group was last night and I made sure that the director of rec and park himself received a copy of all your letters.  I also gave a copy to the Director of Planning and Capital Programs, Dawn Kamalanathan.  Hopefully this helps show we are fully aware of how unfairly we have been treated.  Unfortunately, not one supervisor was there so we will have to continue to lobby their offices hard until May when they make their decisions. So for those of you who didn't yet write your letter to RPD and your supervisor please, please don't forget.  We have about 4 -6 more weeks of time where we must continue to lobby our supervisors and Rec and Park that we insist McLaren be given it's fair share to make up for the decades of neglect.  The good news I was told is McLaren Park is leading a good campaign, as of now.
      The recreation and parks email address to send your letters to is,
      The three supervisor districts that border McLaren Park are D9, D10, and D11.   Without all three supervisors working together we will fail in reaching the required amount to make a lasting impact on the park.  All three must be on the same page and completely aware that we do exist out here and we waited long enough (if you have been alive that long).  We want a returned investment for decades of property taxes with no return.  We want McLaren Park restored !!! 
      Please spread the word!!!  Send a copy of your letter most importantly, to your supervisor and to the three supervisors below.
      D11 - John Avalos john.avalos@..., D10 - Malia Cohen malia.cohen@..., D9 - David Campos david.campos@...
      Mail me a copy as well to add to the growing pile of citizens, park advocates, neighbors, & parents who want a change and are tired of driving across town or to Golden Gate Park or better neighborhoods for their park services.
      CC a copy to helpmlpark@...
      Chuck & Trilce Farrugia
      Sample letter below!!!!!  Just delete everything above the dashed line after you write down (copy & paste) the email address' above.  It's not that hard...really : )
      To whom it may concern,
      My name is                                     and I live on                              Sreet.  McLaren Park is in desperate need of care and attention.
      Please include a significant amount of funding for McLaren Park in the proposed 2012 Parks bond!  McLaren Park has 318 acres and is second in size only to Golden Gate Park. In the City's analysis for the 2008 Parks Bond, McLaren Park's capital needs were estimated at $57 million!  In the last 4 years of deferred maintenance and inflation, needs have only gotten greater.

      McLaren Park is simply much too large for volunteers and small private grants to fix. Public funds are urgently needed for trail upgrades, pedestrian safety improvements (especially crosswalks on Shelly Drive and Mansell Streets), repairing algae-filled McNab Lake, resurfacing courts, replacing lost play areas, baseball and soccer field repairs, basics like trash cans, irrigation and major landscaping needs that RPD's 3 gardeners will never be able to meet on their own. The thing I really want fixed is _____________________.

      As a neighborhood, we have been skipped over way too many times and the damage has been done because of it. Our park shows in it with every turn and with every view. I also am not a blind to the fleet of green trucks and the hundreds of workers, I pay with my meager income and high taxes, to maintain every other park in the city.  McLaren Park needs dedicated monies just like Golden Gate Park.  McLaren can not be compared to smaller city parks.  Until the day when John McLaren Park is a line item in the budget, just like Golden Gate Park, we need a significant amount of the 2012 Parks Bond to go towards McLaren Park.
      Please don't pass our neighborhoods by again! 

      Thank you!
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